[RetroPicks] Little but good

Hello guys,

Following my purchase of a great Atari 2600 I started to wander around the internet and second hands shop looking for some good game to add to my collection. I wasn’t looking for something specific, but something that was at least nice to see and with a good story or, in alternative, a real good deal.

I managed to find both.

In terms of cheapness I found a good condition cartridge (and manual) of Video Olympics game at 4,50€. It’s one of the Magnificient 9, the nine original launch titles for the (formerly known) Atari VCS. Both the cartridge and the manual are in very good shape. Unfortunately the game came loose without its box but I don’t mind, I still have tens of years to live and to collect even boxed games

Regarding the appeal, well, nothing beats Imagic in this. Thir silvery and rainbowed cartridges are unique pieces of art and you can tell the quality of the game just looking at the box (do you remember the “never judge the book by its cover”? – this time is exactly the opposite). I really wanted to have at least one of their games in my collection and in fact I was looking for some good deal when I stumbled in an almost perfect copy of Dragonfire, complete in box at the more than reasonable price of 10,50€.

The game is in pristine condition and even the box is almost perfect with just a little crush on the bottom. Only touching the box is a great sensation: you feel the difference between the silver coated paper and the roughness of the picture overimpressed. The cartridge is perfect and it looks like it just came out from the plant. Obvioulsy the game runs like a dream.

By now that’s all folks, but I hope to write again soon about some good pick, especially when I’ll be back from London Gaming Market (p.s. is some of you will be there let me know, maybe we can meet! 🙂 )

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  1. Is the Olympics game the one where you have to quickly move the joystick back and forth to run?? I remember how hard that was! While you weren’t literally running, it was quite a work out and omg Dragonfire. I remember this game’s cover well, and if my memory serves, I recall that dragon spouting flames. Enjoy your purchases! I hope one day we’re in London at the same time! It’s one of my wanted travel spots 🙂


    1. benez256 says:

      No, this one is the nth Pong clone with a bit or restyling: the 50 video games you can play are more or less all the same and all based on Pong. But we can’t complain since it was 1977. Dragonfire on the other hand is amazing: level after lever the game becomes faster and faster and going back and forth in the dragon chamber trying to collect all the treasures it’s a challenge!

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      1. I got one out of two right 😀 Oh man, I need to find an Atari emulator and soon. Your posts are making me reminisce!

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      2. benez256 says:

        In the past I used Stella as emulator but the real 2600 is way better!

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  2. My husband and I have Video Olympics, but I have never actually played it! He may have played it as a kid but doesn’t really remember. How cool to have one of the original launch titles for the Atari! 🙂

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    1. benez256 says:

      It is! 😀😀😀

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  3. Rob Wantz says:

    Wow, just read your most recent post about Imagic and commented how much I love Dragonfire. Then I find this!?! Thanks for the memories!

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    1. benez256 says:

      Thank you for commenting!

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