[Happy Birthday!] Resident Evil


Hello old games lovers,

Here we are guys, now you’re ready to feel old. Resident Evil is a quarter of century old today, having been released on March 22nd, 1996 for PS1.

The game needs no introduction as it is the one that popularized the survival horror genre: without it we wouldn’t have Silent Hill, Dino Crisis, Left 4 Dead or The Last of Us. To be totally honest, althought for me RE is one od the best games ever (check out my review about it here) it didn’t age very well, since in the mid-90s, 3D graphics were still very rough, but all of the element that made the RE franchise great were all there: there was tension, monsters, a wonderful plot and iconic moments.

The 5 milions of copies sold don’t really give the game the credit it deserves but as a testament of the good work done by Capcome we have tons of sequels, the last of which, Resident Evil Village, is set to be released this year.

During the years Resident Evil has become something else and although some purists are disppointed with the direction the series has taken (count me in) we have to be honest and consider that exploiting the same old plot for all of the games would have been extremely boring and could hasve led to some absurd characters and unwanted plot twists.

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