[RetroPicks] IntelliNES, the Great Combo

Hello guys,

As I told you last moth, while March has been a poor month on the collecting side, April on the other side has been quite dense, even though most of the games I’ve bought have arrived in May. Aside from the last purchase I’ve talked about in the last episode of [RetroPicks], I’ve been able to buy other two lots of games for two different platforms, NES and IntelliVision.

I’ve first come in touch with the Intellivision in March 2018 when I’ve bought a lot of 20-ish games for the console, then in May I’ve also bought the console, an IntvIII, the third restyling of the original IntelliVision: it’s rypical for me to get the games before the console 😀

The intellivision games are rathe common, they show up online frequently and usually they do no command high prices but the fact thet they’re rarely sold in lots and that they belong to a console that is rarely played made me pass a bit on them: if I have to spend 10€ I prefer doing it on a NES game or on a recent game I’ll be most likely playing more than an old one. But last month I’ve found a small lot including the original conosole and 9 boxed games. The console had some light scratches but it was working and the boxes of the games were a bit smashed but considering that I don’t usually look for CIB games whe I buy old games (except for the Master System and Mega Drive games whose boxes are made in hard plastic and they worn out less easily, making a CIB copy not so expensive), I was fine with the conditions. In the end I’ve managed to buy the whole lot for less than 60€, so if you do the math is like getting a console for 30€ and 9 boxed games for 3€ each. Not bad.

I already had two games of the lot, Tennis and Las Vegas Poker and Black Jack (but I had the unboxed copy of this one) and among the other I’m really happy I’ve found Utopia, a game that was praised for its complexity, considering it came out on a 4bit console in 1982. Another great additions are Burger Time and the first chapter of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I already have AD&D – The treasure or Tarmin so now I finally own both of the games of this mini-series complete in box. Those little achievements that makes collecting games like good food for your soul 🙂 The jewel in the crown is probably Microsurgeon for different reasons. First of all I love Imagic. I love the fact they they were among the pioneers of the “third parties” and, despite its sad ending, I love their story, their fast rise and their even faster fall. I love the care they put in thei packaging with their boxes immediately recognizable amon all the others and the way they used the same style for all of their games, regardless of the console they belong: if you check my copy of Microsurgeon and my copy of Dragonfire you’ll surely understand what I’m saying. The Microsurgeon is a really strange game where you’re a small spaceship traveling in the human body to cure the disease.

But Intellivision games are not the only games I’ve bought. Of couse, as frequently happens, even NES games make an appearance, this time with a small lot of five games.

I’ve originally placed a bid on way more games but, as always I have to deal with my funds, and having already spent more than 150€ a few weeks earlier I couldn’t afford a lot more. All of the games are quite cheap, with some of them almost fillers, like Low-G Man, but others, while cheap, were a pleasant discover. For example I didn’t remeber the existance of Defender 2 and, as always happens, now I have the second game but not the first. I’m very happy I have found Batman because is considered one of the best platformers game on the NES among the overlooked ones. I’ve recently watches some playthroughs and it really caught my eye so I’m impatient to try it. Gyuss instead will go to enlarge my collection of space-themed shmups (as well as Defender 2 of course), while the last game, James Bond Jr. is a game I really know almost nothing about so it will be a total surprise for me.

Stay tuned for more retropicks!

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  1. redbavon says:

    Ottimo colpo per il lotto dell’Intellivision. Davvero un ottimo colpo. Burger Time e Microsurgeon mancano nella mia collezione e li ho cercati per parecchio trovando prezzi assurdi. Dieci euro sono anche per me un importo massimo per una cartuccia che è davvero superata. A quel prezzo non ci avrei pensato su nemmeno un secondo! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      Ho comprato tutto solo per Microsurgeon…avere sulla mensola un boxato della Imagic non ha (quasi) prezzo!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. redbavon says:

        Ah ma allora io mi devo reputare fortunato con i miei: Dracula, Swords & Serpents, Tropical Trouble e White Water. Le confezioni Imagic hanno retto meglio il corso del tempo rispetto a quelle Mattel per non parlare poi di quelle CBS per Intellivision.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. benez256 says:

        Si é vero io ho alcune boxate Intellivision che sono in stato pietoso…uno po come le boxate per NES che infatti volontariamente non ho mai voluto comprare…


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