[Playthrough] Europa Universalis IV – Part IV

Playthrough – Part IV – It’s hammertime!

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the second part of my Europa Universalis IV playtrhough. No, this won’t be an homage to MC Hammer neither to the ability of Lewin Hamilton to push hard when he needs to. This will be a celebration of the power of Venice, the hammer of Italy, and all the others can only stand still and wait for the hammer to fall.

This is the first big italian campaing I made with my once small Republic and taking advantage of the favorable international situation with the small and harmless Palatinate leader of the HRE, a France uninterested into the italian situation and busy trying to overwhelm England and the italian kingdoms too weak to resist.

The best thing was that, being France the leader of the alliance, I was able to sign separate peace treaties with each one of the italian cities, so I got the opportunity to increase my war booty with some rich provinces.

So after boosting my army and after the pacification of my rebel provinces I started this huge enterprise, counting only on my 20k men. The first to fall was Urbino, then Pisa and then Siena. I was lucky that french’s armies never crossed the Alps otherwise their 50k well equipped men could have shattered my dreams to conquest.

Now the venetian state is way bigger than before and I have to manage my oversextension but with a long (maybe?) period of peace I think I should go without any problem. My mini-empire is still a bit fragmentated but I hope in the future I will have the opportunity the extend it again. In the end my dream is to establish the italian kingdom over the ashes of the old provincial states. I just checked on the missions available and one of them is this so I will work hard to accomplish it. The obstacles at the moment are Genova, Florence, Ancona and the most important Milan, always allied with France. And I don’t think the frencmen will be willing to let me expand my terrotories until their boundaries.

Let’s see the evolution of the international situation…

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