[Happy Birthday!] Crash Bandicoot

crash-bandicootHello old games lovers!

Le’t say “Happy Birthday” to Crash Bandicoot, which has been released today 20 years ago, September 7th, 1996.

This was my niece favourite PS1 game, along with with Kula World and Spyro the Dragon, so to celebrate this birthday I ask you to share your thoughts about this game!

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  1. Mr. Panda says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed on all the important birthdays! Happy Birthday Crash Bandicoot!

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  2. Crash Bandicoot is my favourite video game theme.I didn’t follow all the series, but I remember the first few and the kart racing versions. Crash Bandicoot truly is one of the funnest games I’ve ever played.

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  3. retr0pia75 says:

    One of the best platforming franchises ever, 3D, 2D, or otherwise.

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    1. benez256 says:

      I’m a 2D man, like the old 8-bit platformers but thus 3D franchise was excellent!

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  4. stevenger says:

    I’ve only played the demo riding-a-tiny-polar-bear level, but I didn’t have a lot of games and I played it a lot, haha! Fond memories of Naughty Dog’s other games as much as DefinitelyNotSonicOrTaz Bandicoot.


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