Freshly delivered! – Retro Gamer Issue #175

Hello guys,

After a big delay due to Christmas holidays, new year celebration and so on, finally another issue of Retro Gamer has arrived.

This time the cover story is about the creation od Sonic 2, the sequel of the first Sonic game that ignite the rivarly between Sega and Nintendo at the beginning of the 16-bit era. Being a “Nintender” and not a “Segan” will be the opportunity to learn more about Sonic which is a game that I barely played in the past.

More interesting for me will be the speciald dedicated to the BBC Micro and to the Game Boy Advance as well as the piece about The Lion King that used to frustrate me when I played as a kid on my PC.

But the real pleasure for me will be the piece about Ultimate Play the Game games collection, since this is a company I love that moved its first steps on the Speccy (another system I’m very fond of) and the history of Wolfenstein, the game that popularized the FPS genre, one of my top-3 favourites genres.

Ready to read!

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  1. Red Metal says:

    A lot of people say Sonic 2 is the series’ pinnacle, but I’ve always preferred the complete Sonic 3 over it. The ability to save doesn’t hurt.

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