[Review] Duke Nukem 3D

REVIEW # 00000000  01001000 Come get some! Drop your hat for the Duke guys, here’s another game that well deserved its 10/10 My heart says… There’s no human being who doesn’t love Duke after playing it. Even if FPSs are not your kind of games, it’s most likely you’ve played Duke at least once and…

[Review] Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

REVIEW # 00000000 01000000 Nazi agents are about to get their hands of a weapon more dangerous than the atom bomb. Only Indy can stop them before they unleash the deadly secret that sank Atlantis.

[Review] Duke Nukem

REVIEW # 00000000 00110101 You’re wrong Proton. Breath, I’ll be done with you and still have time to watch Oprah!

[Review] Carmageddon

REVIEW # 00000000 00101111 All pedestrians have been cleared from the streets; Carmageddon is our only hope