[Attack of the PONG Clones] Clones from ’76 – Page 3/4

Orlec PP 2000

Packel Instrument TV Sport

Playtech Telesport

Prinztronic Tournament

Radio Shack TV Scoreboard 60-3051

Radio Shack TV Scoreboard 60-3052

Tichin TV Games

Ricochet Electronic Color TV Game Center (MT-1A)

Ricochet Electronic Formula 500 (MT-5A)

Ridgewood GAMATIC 7600

Roberts Paddle IV

Roberts Paddle VI

Sears Hockey-PONG

Sears Hockey-Tennis

Sears Speedway


Sears Speedway

Sears Speedway IV

Sears Super PONG

Sears Super Pong IV

Sportel TV Sport XY-4

Sportel Video TV Game

Superelectron TV Challenger

Tandy TV Scoreboard


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