I ❤ Old Games! is on Twitch!

Hello guys,

It finally happened. In a couple of days I ❤ Old Games! will be on Twitch.

Why? Why not!

Why I have to play my games alone when I can share my experience with a community, chat with them and talk about this and that? At the moment my channel is still empty but I plan to stream once a week, at least in this first period. I’m still a super beginner so I’ll be most likely do many mistakes but I’ll learn with practice. I’ve recently bought a mic for the streams to avoid the awful one integrated with my webcam and I hope that my squeaky voice will be at least more tolerable with that.

I’ll be streaming mainly in english and this for two reasons: first of all to force myself out of my comfort zone so I can teach myself to speak more fluently and second because my largest base of followers is composed by canadians or people all across the US as well as some british guys. I’ll be streaming late at night or maybe when in Italy is late night so they can watch me (if they want) in the late afternoon-early evening.

I’d like to create a place where people can relax, chat and watch me play some good old games. I don’t want to be loud and I don’t want to teach anything since I have nothing to teach. I just want to get in contact with people and talk with them; about games of course but I’m absolutely open to hear stories and opinion about everything, hoping that my limited language skills allow me to do it.

You can find me as benez256 and I’ll be scheduling soon the first streams so you can join me when I’m on air. Otherwise you can just come to visit from time to time and check if you missed something.

A special thanks to a good friend who helped me a lot and drove this decision being extremely kind and supportive. I told you I owe you a #1 badge, right HugryGoriya?

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