[Happy Birthday!] Lemmings

Buongiorno retroamici,

Uno dei più grandi puzzle-platformer degli anni ’90 compie proprio oggi 30 anni: il 14 Febbraio, 1991 usciva per Amiga Lemmings, autentico capolavoro della DMA Design (che prima di diventare Rockstar North svilupperà anche un altro capolavoro, Grand Theft Auto) nel quale controlliamo una truppa di omonimi animaletti che devono farsi strada tra insidie e ostacoli attraverso decine di livelli. Fu un successo enorme, influenzò molti altri giochi (come Adventures of Lomax) e il gioco fu convertito praticamente per ogni computer e console esistente; poco dopo uscì la prima espansione, Oh No, More Lemmings! e in seguito diversi sequel, fino a Lemmings (2007).

Hello old games lovers,

One of the greatest puzzle-platformers of the 90s turns 30 today: on February 14th, 1991 Lemmings for Amiga was released, one of the masterpieces of DMA Design (that will become Rockstar North and will also develop another great game like Grand Theft Auto) in which we control a group of antropomorph lemmings who need to face many obstacles and perils throughout dozens of levels. It was an astonishing success, it went on to influence several other games (such as Adventure of Lomax) and the game was converted practically for every single system in existence; soon after an expansion, Oh, No, More Lemmings! came out and many sequels followed up to 2007 game Lemmings.

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  1. I have played this game. I remember trying to work out how to use the different abilities to allow the Lemmings to avoid the traps and obstacles to reach the end of the level. I also remember enjoying causing large groups of Lemmings to self-destruct and deliberately leading members of the group into the traps. The game also presented with interesting humour, I remember, when the game was stopped, a message appeared saying “Oh no! We thought you loved us!”.
    Did you get far playing the game? How many sequels were made?


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