[RetroSoft] Windows 1.0 officially released 35 years ago!

Hello retrolovers,

Today (or better, a few days ago) we celebrated the 35th anniversary of the first version ever of Windows, the release 1.0. Back then Windows had to be launched via MS-DOS and in fact all of the operations that could be done on DOS could be done on Windows as well, but with a more user-friendly interface.

Window 1.0 was available only to the developers and was a sort of beta version of the final product, that was put on the market on November 20th, 1985 with the name of Windws 1.01.

The system requirements to run it were 256K or RAM, hard disk or double-sided disk. Some of the most important features of Win 1.0 are still present today, althout with different names: Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Notepad and Write were already there.

The reception of the product was not alway favourable: although many indicated that it could have had potential, other stated it was poor and lacked good softwares and its intervace mouse-oriented was a pain in the neck for computers based on keyboard.

We can easily say that 35 years later things have changed quite a lot…

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