[Happy Birthday!] Hang-On

Hello old games lovers,

There are people who love racing, there are people who like fast cars and some who like fast bikes. For the first there’s OutRun, for the others Hang-On. This sega masterpiege turns 35 this month, having been released in the arcades in July, 1985 and was later converted to Master System, the version that a lot of us have experienced for the first time. The game spawned a sequeel in 1987 for Megar Drive/Genesis, Super Hang-On, but today we give our tribute to the father of the series. Huge celebrations for this great game!

Buongiorno retroamici,

Ci sono persone che amano le gare, ci sono quelle che amano le macchine veloci e quelle che amano le moto veloci. Per le prime c’è OutRun, per le seconde Hang-On. Questo capolavoro della Sega compie 35 anni questo mese, essendo stato rilasciato per il mercato arcade nel Luglio 1985 e fu in seguito cponvertito per Master System, la versione che molti di noi hanno sperimentato per la prima volta. Il gioco ebbe un seguito nel 1987, Super Hang-On per Mega Drive/Genesis ma oggi omaggiamo il capostipite della serie. Grosse feste per Hang-On!

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  1. DaveMcShane says:

    Nice to see the artwork for the game, as it was mostly bundled with with console packs it is quite rare to see. One of my earliest memories was playing this with my cousin, also enduro racer was another fantastic game.


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