[Forbidden Games] Erotica Island

Welcome to the forty-sixth entry of this column in which I review forbidden (and forgotten) retro games with adult contents.

A lot of the games that will be revisited here will have, as well as adult themes, some contents that may offend somebody. But please remember, we are here just to re-discover something rightfully forgotten, so don’t take it so seriously, we don’want to offend anybody. Just have fun and laugh 🙂

Benvenuti al quarantaseiesimo episodio della rubrica in cui recensisco giochi proibiti (e dimenticati) con contenuti per adulti.

Molti dei giochi che saranno recensiti qui avranno sia contenuti per adulti, sia contenuti che potrebbero offendere qualcuno. Per favore tenete a mente che siamo qui solo per riscoprire cose giustamente dimenticate, quindi non prendete il tutto troppo su serio, non vogliamo offendere nessuno. E fatevi ‘na risata 🙂

Today’s game is Erotica Island.

Developed by those naughy boys of Redfire Software that gave us gems like the already covered Ibiza Babewatch and Patti Pain’s Bondage Poker, it was the only game published by Flare Media. Probably they thought they would have never done better than this so they stopped to this game…

Il gioco di oggi è Erotica Island

Sviluppato da quei marpioni della Redfire Software che ci hanno donato perle come il già recensito Ibiza Babewatch e Patti Pain’s Bondage Poker, è l’unico gioco pubblicato dalla Flare Media. Probabilmente visto che non avrebbero potuto fare di meglio si sono fermati qui…

Why is forgotten?

The best review of this game is probably a 3.4 made by Game PRessure, and this says all. The attempts to create a game even remotely alluring with adult contents miserably fails in an ocean of crude graphics that would have been outdated even in the 90s and a plot (thta doesn’t exist) based on a the concept “fuck to get money”. Of ourse the desert island where we end up is full of hot chicks with at least a DDD cup and they’re all nymphomaniacs…

La miglior recensione che il gioco ebbe fu probabilmente quella da 3,4 di Game Pressure, il che è tutto dire. Il tentativo di creare un gioco anche solo lontanamente ammiccante e con contenuti per adulti fallisce miseramente in un mare di grafiche che sarebbero state pessime già negli anni ’90 e in una trama (inesistente) basata sul “trombo per fare soldi. Ovviamente l’isola deserta dove piombiamo all’improvviso è popolata solo di sgnacchere infami con una quinta minimo…e tutte infoiate…

Why is forbidden?

Are you asking for real???

Lo state chiedendo davvero???

Why is fun?

It isn’t…really it isn’t fun. If you really like the idea go to watch a proper porn! Oh, P.S. if you want on a website I don’t dare to cite (you can do it by yourselves you perverts) there’s a video with some of the memorable scenes of the game. So if you want watch those. Nay, don’t do it…

Non lo è…ma proprio per niente. Se proprio vi piace l’idea guardatevi un porno! Ah, P.S. se volete su un sito che non vi cito (ve lo cercate da soli) ci sono sotto forma di video alcune scene memorabili del gioco. Ecco, anzi guardatevi quello. Anzi no, non fatelo…

How can I play it?

Apparently on Amazon US there’s an available copy. But if you buy it I won’t talk to you anymore. It doesn’t look it’s available for free download elsewhere but for the game that it is you can rather watch the “best scenes” online.

A quanto pare su Amazon US c’è una copia disponibile. Ma se la comprate non vi parlo più. Non sembra sia disponibile altrove per il download ma per quello che vale potreste giusto vedervi le scene “migliori” online.

Something similar but a bit less crappy???

  • Leisure Suit Larry
  • A random page on wikipedia
  • Ibiza Babewatch (yes, this one is better. Nuff said)

And finally, if you need other games related to this which are crappy and adult oriented like Erotica Island, stick around, more games will be covered soon!

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  1. I have not played this game. Redfire Software seems to have been fairly successful, compared to other developers mentioned in the column, as they have actually created 3 games, rather than becoming bankrupt after making 1. The graphics for the game do look weird, the backgrounds seem quite cartoonlike (with the overly bright colours) while the designs for the characters and objects look like low quality versions of Sega Saturn game graphics (as the hair seems like 3D blocks and they use interesting shading effects). All the surfaces in the game seem very smooth, which is also similar to graphics used in Sega Saturn games.
    How is the game played? Is it a Russian game? What are the interesting scenes mentioned in the article?


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