[Happy Birthday!] Perfect Dark

Hello old games lovers,

When Nintendo debuted in the 64-bit universe the loyal team Rare followed them publishing probably the best FPS on the platform, Goldeneye. But the adventure in the genre didn’t end with it and soon after always Rare published Perfect Dark: it was another huge success both with critics and public with reviews well over 9 and a total of almost 3 millions of copies sold. Set in 2020 (but without Coronavirus) the game turns today (nay, two days ago) 20, having been released on May 22nd, 2000. Happy birthday!

Buongiorno retroamici,

Quando Nintendo debuttò nell’universo a 64-bit il fedele team Rare la seguì, pubblicando probabilmente il miglior FPS della piattaforma, Goldeneye. Ma l’avventura nel genere non finì lì e poco dopo ancora Rare pubblicò Perfect Dark: fu un altro grande successo di critica con recensioni ben oltre il 9 e un totale di circa 3 milioni di copie vendute. Ambientato nel 2020 (ma senza Coronavirus) il gioco compie oggi (pardon, l’altro ieri) 20 anni, essendo stato rilasciato il 22 Maggio, 2000. Buon compleanno!

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  1. I have played this game. I remember it was always considered a bit of a sequel to Goldeneye, but I found it a much stranger game than Goldeneye. It had a futuristic setting (which was interesting as it allowed the player to use advanced technology and unusual weapons) and the beginning of the story seemed to be about industrial espionage, but then the characters became involved in an intergalactic war between two alien races. There were some interesting additions to the game, such as secondary fire modes for the guns and multi-player challenges, and many of the levels were enjoyable. I did particularly enjoy the Carrington Villa level, it was effective at simulating a siege.
    Have you played the game? Did you enjoy it?


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