[Happy Birthday!] Soldier of Fortune

Hello old games lovers,

Until today I didn’t know that Soldier of Fortune was based on a magazine with the same name but when I first got the official CD thanks to a friend in high school I was really impressed by the realism and the possibility to shoot an enemy in different points with different outcomes (apparently 26). Today, March 27th is the twentieth anniversary of the release of this little gem among the FPS, having been released in 2000. Well, if you don’t have it it’s better to track one down…

Ciao a tutti retroamici,

Prima di oggi non avevo nessuna idea che Soldier of Fortune fosse basato sulla rivista omonima, ma quando mi capitò per le mani il CD grazie ad un amico del Liceo rimasi impressionato dal realismo e dalla possibilità di poter colpire un nemico in punti diversi e con esiti diversi (26 a quanto pare). Oggi, 27 Marzo e il ventesimo anniversario dell’uscita di questo piccolo gioiello tra gli FPS, essendo stato rilasciato nel 2000. Beh se non ce l’avete è il caso di recuperarlo…

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  1. I have played the special edition version of this game. I remember I enjoyed the game, but I also found it haunting to play. The gore and violence of the game created a grim atmosphere, along with the muted colour scheme used in the game (which seemed to be fashionable at the time it was released), the repetitive patterns used on the walls and floors and the fact that the levels mostly seemed to be set in industrial or derelict buildings. I also remember an enemy using a hostage as a toilet. One of the most pessimistic aspects of the game was that, unlike other shooters, the player was not required to rescue civilians or friendly characters, so they could watch the enemies kill innocent people while they completed the game, without having to redo the levels to minimise the human cost.


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