[Game of the Week] Week #33 – Max Payne

Hi folks!

Here we are again with another entry, the thirty-third of the [Game of the Week] column and this time the game featured is Max Payne for PS2!

Developer: Rockstar Games

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2 (pictured), Xbox, Mac OS, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 3,

Genre: TPS

Release Date: January 11th, 2001

During the second golden era of the FPS at the end of the 90s, Max Payne was something new. First of all it was a third person shooter and also it was the first to introduce the bullet time,l popularized by the movie Matrix. The story is that of the cop Max Payne who after coming back home finds his wife and daughter horribbly massacred; some of the scenes in the game give the thrills, like the one I’ll never stop to remember in which Max runs in a sort of labytinth that looks like the result of an LSD trip while he hears in the distance the cry of his daughter. Unfortunately this is one of the games I’ve never completed (and I still regret this). The game was a huge success with the critics, was nameg Game of the Year 2001 on PC Gamer and not only spawned some sequels but was also converted into a movie. Not bad!

Nella seconda epoca d’oro degli FPS di fine anni ’90, Max Payne era qualcosa di nuovo. Innanzitutto era uno sparatutto in terza persona e poi fu il primo ad introdurre il Bullet Time, reso celebre dal film Matrix. La storia è quella straziante del poliziotto Max Payne che rientrato a casa trova la moglie e la figlia neonata massacrate; alcune delle scene del gioco sono da brividi come quella che non mi stancherò mai di citare, nella quale Max corre in un labirinto onirico che sembra frutto di un trip di LSD mentre sente in lontananza il pianto della figlia. Purtroppo è un gioco che non ho mai finito (e di questo mi pento ancora oggi). Il gioco fu un enorme successo di critica, fu eletto gioco dell’anno su PC Gamer e, oltre ad inaugurare una serie, fu anche trasformato in un film. Non male!

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