[Game of The Week] Week #29 – Kings of the Beach

Hi folks!

Here we are again with another entry, the twenty-ninth of the [Game of the Week] column and this time the game featured is Kings fo the Beach for NES!

Developer: Electronic Arts

Publisher: Electronic Arts, Ultra Games (NES)

Platforms: C64, MS-DOS, NES (pictured)

Genre: Sport, Beach Volley

Release Date: January 1990

I have great memories of Kings of the Beach although they refer to the PC version I’ve played on my very first computer. Back them I played with an horrible CGA graphics, switching later to a not so better EGA until I could finally play with somo good VGA. Beach volley per se it’s something I really like and every summer during my vacations I partecipatre to soe mini-tournaments with my friends, but back then I haven’t even start to play volley so beach volley was a complete new world for me. I liked the idea to play with somenthing that reminded summer even in winter and that’s the reason why I played a lot with Skate or Die or California Games II, but the thing I loved the most during the matches was to go crazy about the referee decisions only to be immediately booked. However without Kings of the Brach we wouldn’t have had Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball so we all have to say thanks to EA…

Ho gran bei ricordi di Kings of the Beach anche se sono in realtà legati alla versione per PC che ho giocato con il mio primissimo computer. Ai tempi giocavo con una orribile grafica CGA, per passare poi in un secondo momento ad una non certo migliore EGA fino a potermi permetter finalmente di giocare in VGA. Il beach volley in sè mi diverte molto e ogni estate in vacanza partecipo a mini tornei e partite con gli amici, ma ai tempi non avevo nemmeno iniziato a giocare a pallavolo, quindi il beach era un mondo. Mi piaceva l’idea di giocare anche d’inverno a un gioco estivo, come potevano essere anche Skate or Die e California Games II, ma soprattutto durante le partite mi piaceva andare dall’arbitro e dirgliene quattro giusto per prendere un bel cartellino giallo. E comunque senza Kings of the Beach non coi sarebbe mai stato Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball quindi dite tutti grazie alla EA…

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