[Game of The Week] Week #17 – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin

Hi folks!

Here we are again with another entry, the seventeenth, of the [Game of the Week] column and this time the game featured is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin for Intellivision!

Developer: APh Technologican Consulting

Publisher: Mattel Electronics

Platforms: Intellivision (pictured), Mattel Aquarius

Genre: RPG

Release Date: 1983

Back when D&D was REALLY something niche for nerds (anche when nerd were still nerd and not hot chicks with a pair of glasses and with a controller in their hands claiming they’re “EHRMAGEHRD AM NERD!”) Intellivision ownerd experimented some ot the first translations of the game for console. After the first game, simply named Advanced Dungeons & Dragons released in 1982, Mattel developed this sequel that, to be a 35+ years old game, is still damn good! It features pseudo 3D graphics, a lot of foes and it holds up pretty well even in 2019, surely better than the first real-3D games. Absolutely thumbs up for Treasure of Tarmin!

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  1. redbavon says:

    Impressionante! Acquistai la mia copia a Milano, una sosta per il mio viaggio di un mese in UK per studiare inglese. Avevo 16 anni. La custodia in carta si è rovinata, pressata tra i bagagli, ma quando sono riuscito a infilare la cartuccia nello slot dell’Intellivision ho trascorso i pomeriggi estivi a cercare di fare secco il Minotauro dell’ultimo livello. Missione compiuta ed è uno dei migliori RPG in assoluto fino a Dungeon Master per Atari ST e The Bard’s Tale per Amiga. Di fatto è il primo dungeon crawler, degno di questo nome, che riesce a catturare l’atmosfera e la tensione delle sessioni di D&D.

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