[Game of the Week] Week #11 – Battletoads

Hi folks!

Here we are again with another entry, the eleventh, of the [Game of the Week] column and this time the game featured is Battletoads for NES!

Developer: Rare (NES version)

Publisher: Tradewest (NES version)

Platforms: NES (pictured), Amiga, Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Gear, Amiga CD32

Genre: Scrolling Beat ’em up

Release Date: December 20th, 1991 (Famicom version)

When it comes to a list of some of the hardest NES games, suaully Battletoads stands in the first positions of the list, and usually just for the infamous Turbo Tunnel. That’s something that always captivated my mind, because as always when the difficulty of a challenge ramps up, more players want to try and see if it was really all that hard.

After searching for a copy of Battletoads online I happened to find it las year in a market at a rather small price and as I came back home I immediately tried it to see what was all about. Well I haven’t completed the game yet but one thing I can say is that the game is hard but not impossible. Probably all the hype surrounding some parts of the game made them look harder that they actually were and in the end when you pass them you come to consider them “easy”, just because you thought they weren’t so and that’s the reason why the world is diveded between the ones that say that Battletoads is super hard and the onles that say that’s easy. The truth probably lies in the middle, as always happens and I can say thet Battletoads is surely a challenging game, visually impressive and fun. Everything you need from a game. It’s also a good mix of platform and beat ’em up, two genres that were on top between the late 80s and early 90s and they were Nintendo answer to Ninja Turtles hype. Another good shot for the big N.

Do you own this game? Have you ever played it? Tell me more in the comments section, let’s discuss!

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  1. redbavon says:

    Non mi hanno mai attirato e perciò non ho mai giocato nemmeno di striscio uno dei giochi. Per me che sono onnivoro in fatto di videogiochi è un caso raro di “antipatia a pelle”. Una sorta di pregiudizio, anche se alcuni titoli hanno ricevuto lodi e riscosso un certo seguito di giocatori. Sarà che ero giù cresciutello quando la serie animata e i gadget fecero furore, ma l’unica probabilità di avvicinarmi a uno di questi videogiochi è la mia prole di due nanerottoli di 8 anni. Per ora non mi hanno ancora chiesto nulla.

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  2. I played this game with my husband, and I remember we got pretty far in it, but never did beat it!


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