[Happy Birthday!] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hello old games lovers,

If you were born in the 80s you’ll surely remember all the hype surrounding the Ninja Turtles. They were everywhere: comincs, cartoons, movies, merchandise, all of us at some point had a case or a backpack with thos four turtles. Of course the gaming world didn’t just stare but jumped in and many games were released under the TMNT brand. One of those, the NES adventure, was released in Japan exactly 30 years ago, on May 12th, 1989. The game, pushed helped by the success of the TV shows was a success despite a couple of very poor reviews by GameSpot and IGN and it’s the 9th best selling NES game of all time with 4,17 million copies sold, according to VGchartz,com (for further comparison en.wikipedia says it’s the 11th best selling game, while it.wikipedia says it’s 8th).

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  1. Solid Pawn says:

    I think this game gets a bit of a raw deal. Sure it’s not the best Ninja Turtles game, but it’s still pretty fun and a game worth remembering. Thanks for the memorial!

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