[Editorial] I ❤ Old Games! the Third!

Hello guys,

We made it, I ❤ Old Games! turns 3!

Yep, after three years we’re still here, on my side trying to post good stuff, to renovate day after day the blog, introducing new columns and new contents and (I hope) improving my skills, especially when it comes to write in english and on your side, the most important keep reading my ramblings and supporting me.

As it happened in 2018, luckily even in 2019 the situation is quite rosy for the blog: although the figures, the number of views has improved (and it’s still improving): in 2018 when I had 1000 views per month was already a lot, but this year, and most important from the last month the views are more than doubled (I’ve also reached a peak of almost 500 views per week in March). March registered ther highest numer of visit since I’ve started my blog: 1821 hits. You may laugh at these figures but for a side hobby in a language I don’t manage at 100% for me it’s a huge number. So far, April registered the highest number of views per day (133 on April 4th) and the highest number of views per week (the first week totalized 518 views). At this point the goal is to reach 15000 visits throughout the year.

The posts that dragged this “renaissance” belongs to the [Forbidden Games] column: sex apparently is always a good selling point (you flithy readers 😀 😀 :D) so Custer’s Revenge and Lula: The Sexy Empire are always on top in the list of the most viewed articles: t’s no surprise that they’re the most read posts of all time. Even though this blog was born as a container of reviews the first [Review] post is only in 10th place overall and is my revisitation of the timeless Balance of Power. Other two posts I’m proud of for the great amount of views they accumulated are [RetroConsole] A huge family: Coleco Telstar and [RetroComputers] ZX Spectrum turns 35!, a proof that posts regarding the hardware of the past (even though sometimes overlooked as the Telstar) are always interesting. I’m trying to keep the blog fresh, with new columns and new contents month after month (last week saw the debut of the new column [Game of the Week]) and I really hope you’ll like them. One of the last great news about this blog is that has finally reached 500 followers. Maybe they’re not too much but we’re a small army and my goal is always to provide something interesting to read to all of you (and to everyone that is still not following the blog 🙂 )

I’ve also noticed that this year some of you have found interesting my MS-DOS retrospective that is getting quite a lot of views: it’s a revisitation of the old DOS games letter by letter I do twice a month. Usually I suck in these long-term projects but this time I’m 99% sure I will publish all the scheduled posts since most of the job has already been done in an intense week in February. I’m also planning a similar post with Windows games for 2020 but the time hasn’t come yet to start writing the posts.

Now I only have to understand if the increased interations with this blog depend on the contents (I’ve covered more recent games, I’ve discussed more about “real-time” events, I probably write a better english, who knows) or by the fact that WP uses some algorithm that “pushes” my blog strongly than before. What I know is that the number of followers is increasing and as you’re reading we reached 498, so just a few steps from the magical 500. I’d really like to start a proper youtube channel but I lack the competence and the instruments to stream games or do someting similar. If you have some advice I’ll be eternally grate to you but until that moment I’ll stick with this blog.

The only thing I hope is that this blog won’t end with this “trilogy” of years and that the following years won’t be like those horrible movie sequels (that for an unwritten law tend to be always worse than the previous one and tend to become stinky and unwatchable after the third chapter).

So stick around and see you soon!

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  1. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished in your 3 years of blogging! 🙂

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