[Editorial] Guess what’s next on I ❤ Old Games! – 07/04/19

Hello guys,

A lot of good news on many level this week!

First of all this blog: March and April seem to be two great months for this blog. March has registered the highest number of visits since I’ve started this blog in 2016 and April looks like will top this (already high for my standards) figures.

On the gaming side I finally found that my trusted online seller has come back with a legion of games and I managed to buy like a dozen of them. Unfortunately for my wallet games have started to become more expensive, since the “fillers” are coming to an end but I secured some golden nuggets I’ll talk about in the following weeks.

On the gaming side, apart from my irretrievable addiction to Europa Universalis IV where I’m reaching the glory with my Lithuania, my gf and I have finally completed Cuphead! It hasn’t been an easy task but in the end we became quite skilled and we managed to defeat the Devil even though not without difficulties.

Finally, I’ve found a lot of time to read. And not because I actually HAD time, but because my sessions with EU4 usually last until late at night, around 1-2 a.m. and once I miss the right moment to fall asleep, I can stay awake till morning. To avoid it I usually start to read so I’ve already completed half of the mag I’m reading. Of course this means that I sleep like 4 hours per night but I can recover during the weekend 😉


  • Super Mario Bros. 2 – The Lost Levels
    Begun: January 16th, 2017
    Status: 12% completed, on hold
  • Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
    Begun: April 25th, 2017
    Status: 33% completed, on hold
  • Probotector
    Begun: December 18th, 2017
    71% completed, on hold
  • Streets of Rage (SMS)
    Begun: December 12th, 2017
    Status: 63% completed, on hold
  • Shadow Warriors a.k.a. Ninja Gaiden
    Begun: January 7th, 2018
    Status: 95% completed, on hold
  • Adventure Island 2 (NES)
    Begun: October 8th, 2018
    Status: 78% completed
  • Life Force
    Begun: November 25th, 2018
    Status: 41% completed
  • Cuphead
    Begun: January 9th, 2019
    Status: 100% completed on April 3rd, 2019 after 84 days
  • Maniac Mansion
    Begun: February 4th, 2019
    Status: 50% completed
  • Obitus
    Begun: February 8th, 2019
    Status: 25% completed


  • Retro Gamer #188
    Begun: March 25th, 2019
    Status: 56% completed


  1. Resident Evil 1 Remake (Xbox One)
  2. King Quest I: Quest for the Crown (MS-DOS)
  3. The Way Remastered (Nintendo Switch)
  4. Europa Universalis IV
  5. Cuphead

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