[Stuff I wish I had] Resident Evil Gaiden

Hello guys,

You know how much I love the Resident Evil franchise. It has been the first game that really scared me to death and since it came out I had towards it a strange feeling of love and repulsion. I love RE because it’s one of the greatest franchises of all time and I fear it because evrytime I play one of the games my heart skips some beats.

You also know that I’m working hard to get a complete Resident Evil collection and, even if most of the games are at least easy to find (even though sometimes commend high prices) to get a whole collection is never an easy task. Especially if you try to get not only all of the games, but even all of the version for different consoles, all of the special editions (Platinum, Collectors, Steelbook) and all of the localizations (PAL, NTSC and J-NTSC): if you do the math we’re talking about way more than a hundred different versions.

A real RE collection wouldn’t be complete without one of the weirdest releases of the series, Resident Evil Gaiden for Game Boy Color. If you have seen some images online you know what I mean: translate the 3D graphics of the PS1 and recreate the horror atmosphere on the humble Game Boy was an impossible task.

And in fact Gaiden is more than a step-down version of the original game, is everything but. The prerendered backgrounds with 3D characters became a top-down 2D setting and the fights agains zombies and other villains becase a FP one-on-one battle. If nobody told you that Gaiden was a RE game, probably no one would have guessed.

However it’s my completionist soul that’s speakng right now. I don’t want Gaiden because is cool, I want it because is Resident Evil. I’ll be most likely put it on the shelf and never play it but remains a strange piece of history and for a RE lover like I am is something not to be missed!

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  1. Hundstrasse says:

    Sadly I did have a copy for a short while and sold it years ago!! :-S Certainly a weird game!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      I would really love to try it on the real thing. I’ve only played via emulation but I’m sure is not the same…

      Liked by 1 person

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