[RetroPicks] The Roaring Twenties

Hello guys,

One of my favourite eBay sellers has put on auction 2000 games, so how could I pass? Out of the moltitude of offers I made I ended up buying 20 games, most for PS2 and Xbox 360, some known, some more obscure.

Let’s start with the PS2 games.

The Final Fantasy franchise has grown in numbers since the original 80s release until the XV installment that came out last year. I still miss the first games for the NES but for the moment I can console myself with chapter XII. I still haven’t played any of the FF games and I’m almost terrified to start to play them because the story is so huge with so many games that starting today from the beginning while living in a world of people who play this franchise since 30 years is disheartening. Maybe one day someone will give me the kick in the ass I need to start the adventure.

I’ve also bought two great FPSs, two of the games I’ve played a lot in the past on my PC, Deus Ex and Max Payne. I consider these two games some of the best ever released between the late Nineties and early Noughties, along with masterpieces such Half-Life. I remember I’ve beaten (almost 20 years ago) Deus Ex, but still haven’t completed Max Payne. Another thing I clearly remember was the terrifying oniric moment in Max Payne, all in red and black when you walk into an impossible world listen to a baby crying in the distance…one of the most unsetting experiences in my gaming life….

I confess I’ve bought The Godfather only because of its steelbox. I love special editions, especially when they’re steelbox (I only have three games in this format and I absolutely love them!) and The Godfather looks like an hybrid of Mafia, GTA and The Italian Job. Also, being a movie I love I thought maybe this could be a fun game to play.

Myst III: Exile is a game I’ve bought mainly for the importance of the first Myst game. When it came out it was a smash hit and became the best selling PC game of all time with its marvellous 3D setting. the third installment of the series is of course more advanced and eliminate the loading time when you move and should be a very interesting play, when I’ll have time to throw myself in a long adventure.

The last two PS2 games are Need For Speed Pro Street (because, hey, games are not meant to be always difficult with a great backstory, sometimes you just need something easy to pick up and play and unleash all of your ignorance on the road!) and Medal of Honor Frontline that I’ve never played nor seen before since I’m not a huge fan of MoH franchise but it was so cheap, just 1£, that I couldn’t say no!

The second chunk of games is for the original Xbox.

When you talk about original Xbox you can’t avoid to mention Halo, the first big Xbox exclusive. I still don’t own the original Halo but now I have at least Halo 2. Probably my love for The Big Bang Theory will push me to play this game instead of other FPS, maybe the next wednesday, since wednesday night is Halo night!

The jewel in the crown is, of course the steelbox edition of Doom 3. I remember all the hype when Doom 3 came out since it was considered more than the state of the art in fact of graphics. And I remember reading month after month all the details for the upcoming release on ther mag I was reading at the time. In fact the graphic details were astonishing and it was probably one of the games of the decade worth of a 10/10. As always I’m a bit late to the party and I will enjoy this game in the A.D. 2019, 15 years after its original release…

A game I loved when it came out and that I keep finding online giving its small price is GTA but this time is not a simple GTA game, is the Double Pack released for the Xbox that includes GTA III and Vice City. Since I love spiecial/collector editions this one was one I couldn’t miss! I remember completing GTA III with my friends during a winter a lot of years ago when we used to meet and play it every single day in the living room of one of us. We spent a great time and we all remind it as one of our best winter together 🙂

The last two games come from two well known franchises that I’m not very familiar with and they’re pretty much filler games for me, one is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell – Chaos Theory and the other is Far Cry Instincts. I happen to have a few Far Cry games and I’ll be most likely play one of those rather than a Splinter Cell game in the near future.

And then we come the Xbox 360 games.

Of course the most important, at least for me, is Resident Evil 6. My collection is growing month after month and I’d really love to complete it soon. The next RE game I have to play will be Resident Evil 5. I just need to choose on which platform 🙂

I already have The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim for the Xbox 360 and I’m going backwards, since now I also have the fourth installment, Oblivion, although is the “Classic” edition. This is another frachise I’m not completely familiar with but I remember the hype when Skyrim came out and this is another one of those “I’d love to play it but I have no time” games.

Even for the Xbox 360 I got some games that are pretty much fillers to me (as it was for the original Xbox), Call of Duty Black Ops, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2; it looks like out there there are more Tom Clancy’s games than my mind can conceive. Another game franchise I’ve never tried even though (don’t aske me how/why) I have the complete trilogy, special edition included, is Gears of War. The last piece of the puzzle was Gears of War 2 which I got for 1£.

The last game of the twenties is Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires. It’s a title I’d passed just a few months ago but after playing Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage on the PS3, I started tounderstand the mechanics of these kind of game and I cannot rule out a future interest in the DW saga.

So, that’s all for now, stay tuned for other acquisitions!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. redbavon says:

    Bel bottino! Hai recuperato un bel po’ di titoli interessanti.
    Anche io acquisto da vari venditori su ebay, tuttavia le condizioni dei dischi non sono sempre soddisfacenti (a parte i segni e lievi graffi dovuti al tempo), a volte manca il libretto delle istruzioni e la scatola non è quella originale (ma il convenzionale amaray nero). I venditori tedeschi sono quelli più attenti e usualmente le condizioni sono più che buone, gli inglesi sono altalenanti, ma la media delle condizioni dei dischi è buona; i francesi e gli italiani vendono dei dischi che funzionano sì, ma in condizioni a volte veramente assurde. Quale è la tua esperienza con i tuoi venditori di fiducia?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      In effetti i tedeschi sono i migliori, ma spesso nom specificano se sono edizioni tedesche o inglesi. Di solito quando vedo che il prezzo è basso significa che sono tedesche…per quanto riguarda gli inglesi di solito mi affido a loro perchè sono quelli che hanno più materiale e non mi dispiace affatto avere edizioni inglesi, anzi. Al momento mi sono sempre trovato tutto sommato bene senza grosse sorprese. Poi spesso acquisto titoli abbastanza “popolari” a prezzi bassi, quindi su quelli non mi formalizzo molto sulla presenza o meno di una righina in più sul disco…


      1. redbavon says:

        Normalmente nelle edizioni tedesche è presente la lingua inglese (a parte alcune localizzazioni solo in tedesco); i manuali e il retro della confezione sono invece spesso esclusivamente in tedesco. Non per questo però ho notato una differenza di prezzo tra i titoli dei venditori tedeschi o inglesi. Per quanto nella mia esperienza, il venditore tedesco ha dei prezzi più alti di quelli inglesi a causa delle migliori condizioni dell’usato. Mi rivolgo anche a un venditore specializzato britannico (che non vende su Ebay): i prezzi dell’usato sono mediamente più alti (e allineati con quelli tedeschi) e le condizioni sono davvero ottime. Il prezzo basso è indice di condizioni “accettabili”, anche se l’accettabile spesso è soggetto a interpretazioni “culturali”: un “accettabile” in Giappone è un disco senza un segno, giusto qualche imperfezione per l’usura sulla confezione o sul libretto.
        Per dirti l’inaffidabilità delle informazioni sopratutto di grandi “stockisti”: acquisto dallo stesso venditore dei giochi in condizione “very good”, mi viene consegnato un gioco nuovo, ancora sigillato nel cellophane originale con tanto di etichetta di una catena inglese che ha chiuso (evidente liquidazione del magazzino); l’altro senza manuale, disco segnato in più parti e confezione non originale. Vai a capire…

        Liked by 1 person

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