[Editorial] I simply fell in love with Cuphead

Hello guys,

Yesterday night I’ve started my first session of Cuphead. I’ve downloaded it last week but I wanted to wait to start it when my gf was ready to play with me because I thought (and I wasn’t wrong) that the co-op mode was the perfect way to fully enjoy the game.

I remember when I first heard about Cuphead back in early 2018; I was completely blown away by the graphics in the style of the old cartoons of the 30s (and I happen to have all of the Disney and Warner Bros./Merrie Melodies toons of the 30s on my hard disk, so I know what I’m talking about 🙂 ) and the fact that it was a modern yet retro run-and-gun made it a perfect choice for me. Too bad I hadn’t a powerful enough PC nor an Xbox One or another “modern” console so I had to put my dreams of playing it in a drawer.

But then an Xbox One arrived (thanks, again, to my gf) and the natural consequence for me was to buy Cuphead.

Well yesterday night has been one of the funniest I’ve ever had playing a game, not only because is hard to find a good game with a good co-op mode (even though I have to admit that playing Super C in co-op on the NES was really funny) but even because I did it with my gf and, again, it’s not so easy to find a firl who share with you the passion for the video games.

As I imagined the game is hard as nails, even because we (I) decided to challenge all the bosses in the normal mode (not the easy one) and we took a lot of attempt to beat each one of the only three (sigh!) we’ve beaten so far: The Root Pack, Goopy La Grande and Ribby and Croakes.

After an hour we started to fully understand the controls and the strategy to fight the bosses and the weapons to choose and we came to the conclusion that playing it alone would be a nightmare.

I think that when the game will be over (I think it will take a looooong time…) I’ll be pretty sad :/

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  1. Oh you’ll be glad it’s over by the end. So glad.

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    1. I agree. It’s the struggle that makes Cuphead one awesome rage-inducing super fun run and gun indie video game. This game can only be beaten by being patient and learning the patterns. There’s a great deal of replay value. Some enemies take more than an hour to beat. On the other hand, Cuphead got a fantastic art, music, powers, controls, bosses, and characters. Anyone playing the game, beating it cuts off those growing horns.

      @BENEZ256 By the way, great Cuphead review!

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      1. benez256 says:

        Thanks for your kind words! I still haven’t played it by myself but only in co-op with my gf. I think this is the best way to enjoy it because in most of the bosses you definitely need a helping hand. Cuphead is probably my best co-op experience in my life!


  2. Red Metal says:

    Cuphead is a game I’ve been meaning to try out. The problem is that I don’t think my PC is up for the task and I don’t have an Xbox One. When I get a better PC, I’ll definitely check it out.

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    1. benez256 says:

      It was the same for me…I’ve been lucky I had received an Xbox One two months ago, my PC has problems loading Adobe Acrobat, so I don’t think he can handle Cuphead…

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  3. I really want to play it, but I really don’t want to buy a XBONE…

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    1. benez256 says:

      So you can do like I did: wait for someone to give it to you as a present 😉

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      1. That requires people who like me! I’ll convince a mate to buy it and just move into his house for a few weeks.

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      2. benez256 says:

        That could be an idea…but just for the time to play the game…

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