[Stuff I wish I had] Project Zero/Fatal Frame complete trilogy

Hello guys,

You know how much I love survival horror and in general horror games.

Since my first encounter with Resident Evil in 1996 I’ve been both scared and intrigued by these kind of games and that’s the reason why now RE is by far my favourite series and why I try to put my hands on similar games and on horror games in general. I’ve loved back in the day Dino Crisis, I love Parasite Eve, I love Forbidden Siren and Kuon, I loved in the past the first Alone in the Dark and I managed to put my hands on Project Zero 2 (even though I still haven’t played it).

A complete Project Zero trilogy would be very much appreciated. The first and third chapter are far from being the most expensive games on the PS2 but (especially the third) can commend steep prices. I really love the atmosphere of these kind of games as much as I love horror movies like “The Ring” or “The Grudge” that were for sure inspiration for them. Andplus there’s something morbidly satisfying to complete a trilogy of games for a platform 🙂

Project Zero, known as Fatal Frame in the US came out originally in 2001 for PS2 and is a survival horror based on japanese legends, obscure shintooist rituals and has a claustrophoic and dark setting that surely appeal the lovers of survival horror. I first noticed this game last year while I was looking for survival horrors for my PS2 collection and it has been love at first sight, even though I’m always terrified to play such games alone in my house :/

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