[RetroPicks] Nin(e)tendo for Christmas

It’s wednesday and this means that’s a good day to talk about NES!

The lot I’ve bought includes 9 games and it came for 50€. Being “normal” NES games the lot is probably slightly more expensive that what should be but since it’s so difficult to find in the shops and in the markets NES games for less than 10€ each, I have to accept the reality and buy these game paying a bit more. That’s Italy 😦

Rad Gravity, or better The Adventures od Rad Gravity is an action-platformer I still haven’t got the chance to try, but I hope it will be an easy game to pick up and play. Talking about Rad stuff, there’s also Totally Rad this time more focused on action but with some platform elements.

Dragon Warrior is the american version of “our” Dragon Quest. Probably european people thought that “warrior” was a too strong word for a NES game so they fell back on “quest”. More DnD style…The game is a classic RPG à la Zelda, at least visually. I’m not that much into RPGs to tel if it’s a good game or not, since I still have to play it but, as I remember in a discussion with hungrygoriya, it’s an unwritten rule that the “Dragon something” games of the old times are good games. Let’s see if the rule is confirmed…

They say that all the rules have an exception that confirms them; if it’s true, Dragon’s Lair is the exception of the “dragon’s rule”. The games is well known to be unplayable and it has more bugs in the playability than a mattress left in a filthy dump. If you’ve played the likes of Dragon’s Lair in the arcades in the 80s, when it impressed for its cartoonish visuals, don’t try this or your heart will lose some beats. It was also featured in one of the AVGN episodes and this is one of the times in which James Rolfe was absolutely right. If at first try you can pass the first two screens you’ll gain immortality and your name withh be engraved on the moon for future reference. The graphics are ok, but it’s so frustrating and unfair I doubt any human being could complete it without going crazy.

I’m not terribly excited about Xenophobe but I think I could spend some time playing Commando, although the NES version is a step down version (of course) of the arcade game released a few years earlier. It look like I’ll be playing a Dan McMurray game. Who knows if he knows I own one of the games he used to have as a kid…

Athena is an action-platformer that sees the titular character Athena, goddess of Wisdom fallen from the Skies into the Fantasy World. Talking about platformers, another (rather bad) game in the lot is Kid Niki: Radical Ninja.

Super Mario Bros. 2 is one of the games I have a strange relationship with. As a kid I only had a few (very few) games and I owned Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, so the natural consequence was that I really wanted to have Super Mario Bros. 2. I knew a guy who run a shop in my building (unfortunately not a games shop…) that was crazy for Nintendo and games in general and he owned the game. He gave it to me to try for a couple of weeks and as you could imagine I fell in love with it. You know when you are a kid, especially in the early 90s when kids had way less stuff o play than today, every game you own, even the most awful, looks like a masterpiece and the fact that I didn’t own Super Mario Bros. 2, made it even more appealing to my eyes. Growing up I always had this feeling and I really needed to have that game; fast forward to these year: I became a collector and from the beginninng SMB2 became my obsession, but when I’ve started to play it again (at first emulated, now on the real hardware) it kinda lost all of its magic and became a game like all the other ones. I’m sad to think so about it, because I really wanted it to be the great game I’ve never had but no…what a pity…

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