[Happy Birthday!] Aladdin

Hello old games lovers,

Even though a bit late it’s time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of an iconic game for Mega Drive/Genesis. It’s the birthday of Disney’s Aladdin, awarded as one of the best games on the platform and the third best selling game of all time on the Sega machine.

I’ve mainly played the PC version but I’ve tried in my adulthood the MD and SNES versions and they’re all awesome. The game is a tried-and-tested platformer but the Disney license add that something more that made this game a must-have for the kids back in the 90s.

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  1. I recall that there is some debate over whether the Mega Drive or SNES version was better. Frankly there’s no contest as the Mega Drive one is by far the best.


  2. log1932 says:

    Meanwhile, it’s 2018 and I still play it from time to time in a hopeless attempt to beat that #@%$@^$ cave level :`^)

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  3. I have played the version of this game available on the Mega Drive. I remember it was an enjoyable game with an interesting selection of level designs. I particularly enjoyed the surreal Genie’s Lamp level, with everything themed around the Genie. I also remembered the Rug Ride level was so difficult that I never completed it. I cannot remember if I had to use a cheat to skip the level or if the game allows the player to continue the game if they lose a certain number of lives.
    Did you enjoy the game? What was the difference between the Mega Drive, PC and SNES versions of the game?


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