[RetroPicks] Sega from Ireland

Hello guys,

Some time ago I did find a guy in Ireland that was selling almost all of his collection of Master System games and…do you think I’m a person who can pass on a lot like this?

All of his games were on auction so it took me almost a week to identify the ones I could try to buy and the ones that were too much for me and in the end I managed to buy seven games.

Here are the three tham I’m most proud of:

I’ve almost completed in one single shot the Wonder Boy games collection. The first game, Wonder Boy it’s a funny platformer and has been the inspiration for Adventure Island on the NES which is almost a shameless clone. Suffice to say that both are damn good and although they look pretty easy at the beginning, in the long run they make you swear in nine different languages, being also a bit unfair sometimes.

All the things that made WB a good game were incredibly improved in Wonder Boy in Monster Land, which is a powered-up and graphically enhanced version of the first game and it’s really hard for me to decide whether is better this game or Wonder Boy III Dragon’s Trap. I’ve already briefly played all three but still have never completed anyone, mainly because I focused my attention on Adventure Island 2 for the NES. At the moment I still miss a couple of Wonder Boy games and I relaly look forward to complete the collection. The only one I have complete is the first Wonder Boy, while the others are missing the instructions manual. I’m lucky that platformers don’t need that much explainations to pay…

The second mini-lot of Master System games includes four great games. The first is Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, another sequel of the then-flagship Master System games Alex Kidd in Miracke World. This is a bit of a parody of Ninja games that were in fashion, especially on Sega consoles in the end of the 80s. although this is a more refined version of the classic games, I still find the first game superior but don’t get me wrong, even Shinobi World is a game I would recommend to all of the platform lovers out there.

The second game is Psycho Fox which is, at least graphically very related to both Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy but has the distinctive feature that you can transform the titular fox in other characters, namely a hippopotamus, a monkey or a tiger, each of which has its own special ability. This is a feature I’ve first encountered in Tiny Toon Adventures, a game that I loved back then and that I’ve completed only last month.

Ghouls and Ghosts it’s a games that doesn’t need no presentation. It’s a coraguious effort to port the demanding arcade games on the humble Master system and, despite the big limitations of the hardware and the consequent lack of some features, its’ still an incredibly playable game and even an easier version, indicated for the newcomers: there’s no time limit, there are less enemies and there’s a lifebar, plus there’s an improved system of armors that give the player magic spells. A game to try, for its distinctive features that differs from all of the others GnG games.

The last games (I forgot to put it in the picture 😦 ) is Teddy Boy which is clearly one of the first Master System games released, giving the rudimental graphics and the easy gameplay.


The remaining games of the lot belong to different platforms.

The first is Dynamite Dan for the loved ZX Spectrum, and this in one of the best platformers for the computer. I’ve already started to play it with my GF even though we had to share the keyboard because the Speccy controls are a bit of a mess 😀

Then there’s Alone in the Dark the New Nightmare. I always loved the AitD series (and I hated the movies related) and I still own a great copy of Alone in the Dark 2 with its original manual. although it was hyper blocky with slow-as-snails controls, and, don’t ask me why, it always scared the s#!t out of me. This iteration for the PS1 it’s incredibly well made and it recalls the Resident Evil settings and gameplay. And giving the fact that I love RE I cannot love a survival horror inspired by Capcom’s game…

The omni-present nes game of the lot is Gremlins 2. I’m not one of those people that loved the movie, even because – don’t tell anyone – I’ve never seen it from the beginning to the end, so this is not a gme I’ve bought for a specific reason, but it has a famous name and it was cheap. A great combo.

NES calls SNES and for Nintendo 16-bit platform I’ve bought a super game: Super Metroid, an enhanced version of the original Metroid I still don’t own (unfortunately). Metroid is not one of my favourite games on the NES but I have to admit that it was a ground breaking hit and the sequel is no exception. There are some save states still of the cartridge but I’ll be a good boy and I’ll start again from the beginning. No cheats.

So, I hope you enjoyed this small haul of games and stay tuned because something juicy is on the way!

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  1. GamingPicks says:

    Some great picks there!.I’ve played those three Wonder Boy games in Master System… but borrowed from other gamers during late 80s early 90s (so they probably don’t already have them). I still own Ghouls’ Ghosts,a bit different but good version of the game.

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