[Picks of the Month] October 2018

Hello guys,

It looks like the Gods of gaming want me to delve in the dark recesses of retrogaming.

Since this month the offer of games was almost inconsistent I decided (better yet I was forced to) check if there was something on the console side. And well, there was some gold at the end of the rainbow. However it is not the kind of gold you may think about; no, I haven’t found a Neo Geo CD for 20$ and no I haven’t found an Atari 5200 for a few quids, but I did find some really good pieces of history.

Since the beginning of my collecting journey I’ve always been fascinated by the first systems, the PONG clones of the first generation and the first cartridge-based models of the second generation, mainly because most of them are obscure systems. Yes, they have a very limited range of games designed for them, and in most of cases they are very very rudimental, but they have an appeal that always intrigued me. Of course now that I have a large enough collection of newer systems to play with, I can dedicate myseltf to track down those vintage consoles, since most of times (but not always) they can be purchased for less that 30€, which is for me a sort of psycological barrier that separates the cheap models by the expensive ones.

I’ve discussed in the past about these kind of consoles, for example when I talked about the Fairchild Channel F, the Odyssey family, the RCA Studio II, the Coleco Telstar family, the Bally Astrocade, the Vectrex and the 1292 Advanced Programmable System (c’mon check these posts! and the others of the [RetroConsole] column 🙂 ).

This last one is technically software-compatible with the console I happened to buy, for the small sum of 12€, the Interton VC-4000: technically because even though the board and the circuitry is the same in a wide range of consoles, the shape of the cartidges and therefore of the cartridge slots are different. If I wanted I could create a “universal” console for all of these models but I don’t have a spare console, the time, and most important, the ability to do it 😀

The console came with two games out of the 40 released, a Paddle Games compilation and the classic Tank Battle. I see everyday these kind of old consoles that nobody give a damn about and if I only had a bit more money I’ll surely build a small section of my collection dedicated to them. That’s the problem of retrogaming: people tend only to care about console from the 8-bit era (with just a few exceptions like the Atari 2600) but this is a topic for a future post I’m looking forward to write.

Another great piece in my collection is a brand new Philips CD-i 450. I already have the CD-i 210 but it has some laser problems and I don’t think there’s a cheap and easy way to fix it, so when I saw an italian guy selling this new old stock console I couldn’t help but part with 120€…and I think is worth every single cent. With it the same seller included an Atari 1010 Program Recorded that can become handy once I’ll put my hands on an Atari 8-bit computer (I’ve already eyed an 800XL…)

On the bottom, the old one, on top, the new one

A week later I’ve seen an ad for a CD-i 210, like the one I already have that is giving me some problems reading the discs (probably the laser is f**ked up) and when I saw the price was “only” 60€ including the quite pricey “normal” controller (not the ladle that is bundled with the CD-i 450), two games, two software discs (stuff life encyclopedias) and the Digital Video Card I couldn’t say no. Now when I’ll be able to sell the old system I won’t leave a blank space in my console setup and the empty space will be immediately taken by this “new” CD-i. “Interestingly” enough, no I have almost all the main controllers for this console: the Genesis-like controller, the remote control and the other uselles spoon controller.

Always in the Philips famaily but this time on the home computer side, I’ve bought an MSX2 machine, the VG-8235…wait this is not correct, I haven’t bought it, but I’ve WON it! Read more about it in one of my last posts; the short version is that I got it for 1,70€ even though is worth probably 50 times as much. That day the fortune stoke twice since that very day I’ve got this computer and the VC 4000.

Last great purchase is a lot of 13 untested Xbox 360 bought for 50€ shipping included from an english seller who had nothing to test them with. I’ve bought them hoping to find something working to sell and get some money for my frequent eBay purchases and to my surprise 4 of them were perfectly working, three only need some minor restorations I can easily handle and the remaining are a mistery and I don’t know if I can fix them. However I’ve already sold the first for 20€, so if I managed to sell all the working ones I’ll cover the initial cost and even gain something. In the end it has been a good deal 🙂


On the games side instead there’s almost nothing to talk about, except the four CD-i games I’ve bought for 20€ (and they’re almost brand new) amongh which there was Voyeur (and I’m sure I’ll cover it again with a review in the near future), the other two I got with the CD-i (there’s also The Apprentice that is believed to be a rather good game for the console), Tomb Raider Trilogy for PS3, donated to me as a gift and the three games I’ve found inside the Xbox 360 (not super great games though…).

Here’s what I got this month; you can check the growth of my collection here.


  • 13 untested Xbox 360 (one already sold)
  • 1 untested Xbox DVD HD Player
  • 1 Philips CD-i 450 boxed and complete with cables and controller (new old stock)
  • 1 Philips CD-1 210 with controller and remote control
  • 1 Atari 1010 Program Recorder boxed (new old stock)
  • 1 Interton VC 4000
  • 1 Philips VG-8235


CD-i (Games count: 6)

  • The Apprentice
  • Defender of the Crown
  • Kether
  • Tetris
  • USA ’94 World Cup
  • Voyeur

PS3 (Games count: 4)

  • Tomb Raider Trilogy

VC 4000 (Games count: 2):

  • Cassette 3 – Paddle Games
  • Cassette 4 – Tank Battle

Xbox 360 (Games count: 71):

  • Don King Prizefighter
  • FIFA 15
  • Kinect Adventures!


  • Retro Gamer #183

Consoles bought this month: 17+ 2 peripherals

Consoles count: 29 (49 including doubles)

Games bought this month: 11

Games count: 556

I hope you’ll enjoy what you see!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. redbavon says:

    L’unità laser ottica prima o poi ti lascia. Non c’è nulla da fare. Pochi mesi fa mi ha abbandonato quello della mia PlayStation dopo oltre venti anni. Ho provato a sostituirlo con un’altra unità, ma nulla da fare. La taratura del laser è un incubo. Anche un mio caro amico con l’opportuna attrezzatura, perizia e pazienza non c’è riuscito.
    Sono affezionato a quella grigia scocca e non riesco a buttarla. Posso ancora utilizzare i suoi giochi su una PS2 o una PS3, ma c’è un quid emotivo, che sfugge al razionale che lo rende differente. Il che non significa che non sia godibile: non sono infatti un “purista” del retrogaming e me ne strafotte del lag di due secondi 😉
    Due settimane fa è andata pure una XBox 360: cerchio completamente rosso, ricordavo fosse legato al segnale video, quindi non ero preoccupato…e invece la ventola prova accenna a girare si ferma, video buio come la pece, credo sia dipartita anch’essa.
    Il retrogaming è lastricato di cadaveri 😉
    Bel bottino hardware, ma dove lo metti? Hai evidentemente spazio, perché dietro la mia TV ormai c’è la Foresta dei Fili Volanti (ci faranno su un film wuxia…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      Con queste ultime acquisizioni lo spazio sotto la TV dove tengo tutte le console attaccate per poterle usare al volo è ufficialmente finito e i cavi hanno istituito una civiltá indipendente e non mi è permesso disturbarli. I prossimi acquisti necessiteranno di un altro bel mobile ikea e di un’altra TV…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. redbavon says:

        Oltre al tempo tiranno, si è aggiunto lo spazio tiranno. Subisco questa duplice tirannia. Tu ancora ti salvi 😂


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