[Editorial] Things I loved about the Intellivision Amico

Another nerd tax? Maybe

The umpteenth attempt to exploit the “retro” craze? Surely yes

But there’s something more “mature” in the trailer the newly formed Intellivision Entertainment company released yesterday. We’ve been accustomed to see vague trailers, with no infos, no prices, no games revealed, no names behind the projects and some time after we always discover lack of software and/or steep prices and/or uncertain and postponed release dates.

This time things are (probably) different.

If we take in serious account the words that also appear on the Intellivision Entertaiment website, we will have a system we know almost everything about. Of course this leaves a small margin in case things don’t go to plan and there will be almost notihing left to discover for all the people interested in buying this new piece of hardware but finally we have some precise details and that’s what I really loved about the new Intellivision Amico.

Let’s delve into it:

  1. The name: Intellivision Amico. It looks a stupid thing but probably you don’t remember all the hype surrounding the Nintendo Switch (known back then as Nintendo NX): we didn’t know the name nor the design of the console, but this time we have a precise name. Amico is the italian word for friend so I’m glad once in my life I’ll see a console with an italian name 🙂
  2. The design. If I have to be 100% honest I’m not really sure this new console will be so appealing, at least cosmetically, even because it will be hard to “sell” the old style controllers, although with a touch of modernity, like wireless connection and force feedback. But at least we have a design.
  3. The release date. A fixed date, for God’s sake. It will be October 10th, 2020. There will be two years to wait but it looks like in two years (and not two years if things go to plan) we’ll have the Amico.
  4. People behind it. If you check on the official website there’s a list of people involved in the project, beginning with the experienced Tommy Tallarico.
  5. The price. And this time again for God’s sake a human price. The console will be marketed at a price between 149€ and 179€. No steep prices like the new Atari VCS.
  6. The games. At Intellivision Entertainment they have been clear: games for families and kids, old classics remastered with a range of titles console exclusive already available, like the remastered version of some old Intellivision, Atari and Imagic titles. The games will cost between 3 and 8 dollars, so they will be super cheap, there won’t be no DLC (I almost cannot believe it) and they will keep an eye open for online gaming and leaderboards to keep tracked the best scores.
  7. The hardware. Aside from the mandatory HDMI and USB ports, the Amico will have “state of the art” 2D graphics capabilities, in order to give the developers an easy way to create games. A dream for a platformers lover as I am.

All of these things make me confident enough that at Intellivision Entertainment they’re doing serious stuff. Probably they kept the bar a bit low, for example regarding the kind of games that will be available but this is probably the first retro-new console (and not just a replica) I really look forward to have.

What’s your opinion about the Amico? And, love it or hate it, we’ll be here again to discuss on October 10th, 2020 🙂

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  1. This looks pretty cool! I can’t wait to hear more about it as it gets closer to release date 🙂

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