[RetroPicks] The 1£-ers

Hello guys,

Most of times when I look for some games online I end up looking for games on auction and nothing teases me more than a 1€ (of 1£)  auction, mainly because, especially for the most valuable games, there’s always the possibility to close a good deal at a price below the “regular” value of a game.

The games below all comes from 1£ auctions, since I’ve bought them from an english seller and, even though they’re rather common games, for most of them I’ve paid ONLY 1£, and with free shipping.

Let’s start with the PS2.

I’ve found a small lot of very common games, someone can call them fillers (and they almost are fillers) but this doesn’t mean that they’re not fun to play. The first is GTA 3, a game I remember playing with my friends during a cold winter back in 2003 on our computer. We were playing it in ten, one at a time ad it was our main pastime during all those days of rain when we couldn’t go out to play.

Then there are other two chapters of the GTA series, San Andreas and Vice City, both complete with manual and city map, something you really need in order to avoid to wander around without a goal. Even though after a few hours the best thing you can do IS wander around to kill time…and pedestrians…

In the same style as GTA but back in the Roaring Twenties is Mafia, a game still fun to play today, sometimes a bit overlooked that has aged very well after 16 years. I have this game on PC even though is a copy and not the original one so it’s good to have now an official disc.

Last game on the PS2 is Turok: Evolution. I remember playing the original 1997 game which was quite fun even though not one of my favourite FPS so I just wanted to check if the series had improved with time. I still haven’t got time to try it out but when I’ll be rich and I won’t need to work anymore I will dedicate all of my 16 hours awake playing. Even with Turok: Evolution.

Time to pass to older games for Nintendo consoles and that means, of course, NES games.

The first is Blades of Steel that, if I have to be frank, I’ve bought only because it was cheap, since I don’t know anything about ice hockey. Then I got Fester’s Quest, a game I remember it was featured on an AVGN episode. Of couse it was marked as “unplayable” and I’m sure under some aspects it can be bad, but I don’t think it will be 100% bad….right?

Mach Rider is one of those early NES games that share the same label graphics with tons of other games and usually, but not always, this means that we are in presence of “basic” games: this actually is a “basic” game, since it’s one of the original cartridges that came out with the console. The NES wasn’t still pushed to the limit so the games has that old style charme that makes them look more like an advanced Atari 2600 game than a more moder NES one. Almost the same as in Star Voyager, that came out one year later, in 1986 and is an average FP space shooter.

Another game in the bunch is Back to the Future Part 2 & 3. As every LJN games, it’s quite poor in terms on story and gameplay and is so loosely based on the movie that if the title weren’t Back to the Future but “Young Man Jumping Around” it would be the same. I just hopelessy hope the first game will be better…

Xevious instead is more up my alley even though I tend to prefer horizontal space shooters. I don’t know why but a simple change in perspective from horizontal to vertical can change a lot the style and how a game feels; I don’t know if it’s something that happens just to me or if you share the same idea. It’s interesting to play it, if you’re a shooters lover, but nothing comparable to an horizontal one like Super R-Type or even Burai Fighter.

The last two games for the NES are Iron Sword: Wizards and Warriors II and Rush ‘n Attack. I’ve barely played the first but it looks like they really f**ked it up! The controls look terrible and the hit detection is horrible! Not bad for a platformer with tons of enemies… Rush ‘n Attack instead is a bit better, even though is still an average run ‘n gun. And in this genre Contra and Super C are two sacred monsters.

In the end there are three SNES games: the first is Nigel Mansell’s World Championship which is the 16-bit counterpart of the NES game of the same name (which is way more expensive); it’s a decent racing game for the time and plus there’s Nigel “the Lion” on the cover 🙂

Populous is a relly fun game. I like strategic games like this and the fact that it has been made by Peter Molyneux assures that the game is a good one. It spawned two sequels and it’s the grandad of diverse games like Age of Empires or Civilization and it’s one of those games you like to play again from time to time, like Tetris.

Last, but not least, Home Alone. We all know the movie being one of those that all of us thirtysomething watched thousand times as kids. The SNES game, one of the different version released, among which one for the NES, one for Master System and Mega Drive and one for MS-DOS PCs, is an average platofrmer that can become fun if you play it with friends during the Christmas time while is cold outside…

That’s all for now folks, I hope to entertain you in the future with other purchases!

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  1. Loving “Young Man Jumping Around” – can’t wait for the PS4 remaster!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      Definitely! 4k and 1080p. Available even for VR…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll take three 🙂


      2. benez256 says:

        If you buy 5 an action figure is included…you should take advantage of this offer…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Go on, I’ll take ten 👍


  2. Think they spent all Ironswords budget on getting Fabio to pose for the cover

    Liked by 1 person

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