[52 Weeks Challenge] Week 21 – A game sequel that disappointed you

Hello everybody,

Tired of the 30 days game challenge? Enjoy my own personal revisitation of a classic challenge! Instead of 30 daily posts that fill an entire month, this challenge is more diluted in time and it will cover all the year 2018. 52 weeks, 52 questions to understand who’s the person behind this blog. Me!

Week 21 – A game sequel that disappointed you

Being a lover of the Super Mario universe and having played millions of hours the original Super Mario on the NES, the first game for console I ever owned, and Super Mario 3, the second game I’ve ever owned I’ve always had an immense curiosity to try out the second game as well.

When I was a kid a guy who ran a shop in the same building where I lived told me that he had the game and he borrowed it to me for a couple of weeks. Back then I was more than happy to play it, even though it was surely different and quite an odd game. Since I’ve tried it only for several days, since then I have an endless desire to play it and possibly complete it.

Now I own the game and I can play it whenever I want but being adult and having the possibility to compare different games I have to say, much to my dismay, that the game has disappointed expectations and anytime I pop it into my NES I get bored after 10 minutes. Of course the biggest “problem” with Super Mario 2 is that from the beginning it wasn’t meant to be a Mario game, being an adaptation of the japanese game Doki Doki Panic, giving the fact that Nintendo feared that the official sequel to Super Mario (known in the West as Super Mario – The Lost Levels which came out in Japan for the Famicom Disk System and more recently on Virtual Console) could have been to hard to an audience – that of the West – that was still struggling with the original Super Mario (and they were probably right since I cannot gets past the first levels in The Lost Levels, probably even because it’s hard for me to adapt to the controls of my Nintendo 2DS).

Super Mario 2 features enemies never seen in any other Mario games and does not include the figure of Bowser as a final boss, as it has been replaced with an awkward giant frog. The only legacy of this game on the Mario saga is the difference between Mario and Luigi – the former more balanced while the latter with an higher ability in jumping balanced by a lower handling.

So, even though I can’t be completely disappointed by this game I have to say that, being the expectations so high, it failed to convey the sensations the other Mario games, especially the third, succesfully conveyed.

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  1. pick3dlast says:

    For some reason I really enjoyed Mario 2. Maybe it’s because it was so different than Super Mario 1 (which I really did not like). Or maybe it’s because I got the game over summer break at my grandma’s house and didn’t really have too many other games to play at the time. Sure it breaks the Mario mold, but getting to choose which character would be best for a particular level was fun, and I enjoyed the new take on the enemies and universe.

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    1. benez256 says:

      That’s the point. Back then I loved it because it was strange and different, because I did not own it and because in the early 90s for a 6 years old boy everything was wonderful because everything was new and because we didn’t have all thr games kids have now (I even had fun with the tiger handheld…). But in my adulthood I started to think that maybe it wasn’t a good sequel, even though is a game I kinda like.
      P.S. I think you’re the first person I’ve spoken with who doesn’t like the first Super Mario! 🙂


  2. I remember playing Tomb Raider Legend on the PlayStation 2. I really enjoyed how the game expanded on the gameplay of the series to make it smoother and more combative. I also liked the level designs and the puzzles used in the game. I found the story interesting, which added to Lara Croft’s character, and ended on a cliff hanger. I was excited to begin Tomb Raider Underworld on the PlayStation 2 to see how the story would conclude. The game was obviously a rushed version of the better game available on newer consoles, with easier puzzles and simpler gameplay. Parts of the game felt empty as challenging aspects were blatantly removed and some levels seemed to require very little effort to complete. The story also felt a little empty as there was little discussion about it for much of the game, despite it featuring heavily in the previous game.
    What did you prefer in the other Mario games? What did you enjoy about this game?


  3. kmerrill8276 says:

    I love Mario 2, but Super Mario Galaxy 2, on the other hand, I do not. It felt like an expansion pack to the original, except with Yoshi.


    1. benez256 says:

      I never liked that much Super Mario Galaxy. Probably because for me Mario exists only in 2D…


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