[52 Weeks Challenge] Week 20 – Post a picture of a game setting you wish you lived in

Hello everybody,

Tired of the 30 days game challenge? Enjoy my own personal revisitation of a classic challenge! Instead of 30 daily posts that fill an entire month, this challenge is more diluted in time and it will cover all the year 2018. 52 weeks, 52 questions to understand who’s the person behind this blog. Me!

Week 20 – Post a picture of a game setting you wish you lived in

I’m back again! Sorry for the infinite delay of this post, this 52-weeks challenge will become a 100 weeks challenge if I go on like this!

Let’s go old style even with this question. I like history a lot and one of the period I like the most is that of the Middle Age. Unofrtunately it’s a period tjhat has always been considered dark by the storiography but recent revisions gave back this huge chunk of man history the palce it deserves. Sure there was a dark age even in the Middle Ages, but we have to consider that it’s an era that goes until the very end of XV century, and there are marvellous pages of history to tell, more than what we think about.

Being also one of my favourite games Heroes of Might and Magic III, in which you can embody heroes from eight different “towns” it’s almost obvious that my choice goes on the Castle. It’s the typical depiction of the medieval village of the beginning of the II millennium, with its castle, cavaliers, training grounds, stables, monastery. It has all it needs!

The choice wasn’t actually so easy so here’s my runner-up. I love the old celtic culture and mythology and the gaelic nations along with their lanuages and the Rampart always evoked in me the scottish landscapes. That’s the reason why I’ve never called this town Rampart, but only Scotland 🙂

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  1. Yeah, I love the design of the towns in the HoMM games. Although I tended to play as the necromancers!


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