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Hello guys,

As you know in the last months after I began collecting games, I’ve gained some XP 🙂 and I started to understand a bit more about games and consoles I’ve never played before; this new knowledge led me to develop a passion for the other side of 8-bit gaming, represented in my Nintendo-centric point of view, by the Sega Master System. Thanks to a lot of you followers and to a lot of blogs I follow (most of times the two things correspond) I’ve understood that this console is a vault of gems, even though sometimes overshadowed by Nintendo games and overwhelmed by Nintendo strict licenses policy.

Then I started to look for games for the console, always keeping an eye open also for the Mega Drive. So, before talking about the Master System let’s check the two games I’ve found for Sega’s 16-bit console.

The first one is Space Harrier 2. Actually it doesn’t make sense getting the second game of a series if you haven’t ever played the first but first of all the game came for a few euros and then I wanted to see if the impressive 3D visuals of the first game were still there. The second game is Alisia Dragoon whose big and bright sprites really caught my eye from the beginning. Plus I was excited to try a 16-bit platformer different from the others. I still have to play it seriously but as far as I’m concerned it looks like a very interesting game. Any suggesion or comment from whoever played this gem will be highly appreciated 🙂

And now the SMS.

Double Dragon is for sure the most important name among all the games for the console. It’s a game I’ve already started to play and it look way too easy even to me that I’m not familiar with the brawlers. Unfortunately it has the same big issue of all the MS games ported from the MD: it’s incredibly slow! Is the same problem I have with Golden Axe: it’s a good game but impossible to play. And that’s a shame because this is also one of the most popular brawlers of the 80s. Another “big” name in the lot is Alex Kidd, this time in its fourth iteration that sees our titular hero thrown in an high-tech world. This franchise is quite overlooked lately but in the end I think that the Alex Kidd games are not that bad. For sure there are better platformers out there but there are as well even worse!

Impossible Mission to me looks like an hybrid between the first two Duke Nukem games and Elevator Action. It can be fun, even if it’s not the game you’ll be dying to play with. Probably the funniest part is right at the beginning with that metallic half-japanese voice saying

I have another visitor. Stay a while, staaaaaaay foreveeer!

Operation Wolf instead it’s a pretty good rail shooter. These are not the kind of games I’m familiar with and I usually don’t like that much the games that require a gun (even because I don’t have one, except the NES Zapper). Sometimes thos is credited as one of the games to play, at least among those which require the Light Phaser, so I think I need to find one sooner or later.

Laste game of the lot is Strider 2. This is the sequel of  the game that came out originally in 1989 and the two are quite similar both in the graphics and the gameplay. It’s a game that gives you enough freedom of movement with various actions the main character is capable of. The first thing I’ve noticed is that the physics of the game are completely f**ked up since you can jump higher than a tall tree, but we’re not here to stick to reality, otherwise thr games would be boring as hell…It’s definitely one of the games that suits my interests so it’s in the list of the games to play.

That’s all for now, I hope I will be back soon with some other good games!

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  1. thedeviot says:

    I have a phaser. I somehow never noticed there was an Operation Wolf port to the SMS. Now I kind of want a copy just to compare it with the NES port. Hmmmm.


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