[RetroPicks] Speccy’s turn

Hello guys,

You may wonder (or maybe not) what I do with the ZX Spectrum I’ve bought some months ago without any kind of software to run on it. That’s a good question and that’s the reason why I decided to buy something to, at least, spend some time with my loved home computer instead of watching it in its black box. I’ve bought different mini-lots from different sellers so this is a recap of the expenses of a whole month. If I were in the UK I think I would find tons od Speccy games for a few quids but I live in Italy and here nobody has Spectrum games so I’m forced to buy them with higher prices from the land of 5 o’clok tea with butter biscuits (after this you can kill me with a landslide of italian stereotypes, I’m readyfor an overload of mafia-pizza-mandolino).

In this small lot however I’ve found some games I’ve already played and that I’m happy to have in my collection, first of all Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, one of the very first games I’ve ever played in my life and that I will surely play again. Talking again about stereotypes I’d like to mention the racist Frank Bruno’s Boxing, a game in which USA is the only cool nation, while all the others are poor idiots 🙂 Of course Italy is represented by a loser boxeur than conjugate one of our best dishes with one of the things we’re most famous for in the world: he’s Ravioli Mafiosi. All kidding aside, that name is hilarious as fuck, I laughed so hard reading it 😀 😀 😀

Legend of Kage is another game I think I’ll be enjoying and I really look forward to get the NES version that has one of the best labels of the entire collection (I like nuanced bright colors 🙂 ) and same thing I can say about Gauntlet. I own the second installment for the NES but I never succeed in getting the first. For the Speccy instead I have this beautiful and pristine big box copy. It’s so perfect that I guess if the seller just unwrapped it before shipping to me. Of course the color clash is a cross to bear for every Spectrum lover but in this game due to the top-down visuals the problem is less evident (even though for a real Spectrum lover, the color clash is not a problem, it’s a delight 🙂 )

Other great games are Magicland Dizzy, Dizzy Panic and Kwik Snak, three chapters of the Dizzy series, The Way of the Exploding Fist, a solid karate game and Quazatron, an action game with a remarkable and colourful isometric view. This last game was one I was trying to buy from the beginning along with the shooter Uridium. I’ve place bids on both games but I’ve eventually won only one.

Another game that has been a major hit back then is the soccer-themed Match Day, while Terror-Daktil 4D (ha, a wordplay…) is something for sure quite overseen. Match Day, unlike most of the modern soccer games that become old and unwanted in less than a year was a great game and it’s still fun to play even now in the years of 4K and 60fps. Life is strange, huh?

To complete the lot I got two “They Sold a Million” compilations with incredible games such as Sabre Wulf, Jet Set Willy, Ghostbusters and Rambo, Cassette 50, the bulky Decision maker that looks like an edutainment software and Sports Pack.

So, that’s enough for this post, stick around for other retro picks!

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  1. I remember playing a lot of these at a friend’s house when I was very young. Those Dizzy games were a lot of fun, but I don’t think I had a clue what I was doing.

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    1. benez256 says:

      I did the same, I just kept pressing keys hoping for something to happen. The rubber keyboard of the original 16k looked huge for my 5 years old eyes…

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  2. ogreatgames says:

    I’ve always love retro games. NES version of Legend of Kage is one of my ultimate fave games during the time, ninja thingy and i like the soundtrack and lightning effects. However, I haven’t play gauntlet yet. You have great collections. Nice choices of games as well.

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    1. benez256 says:

      Thanks! Gauntlet is not one of the game I particularly love but I happen to have a lot of games spread on different platforms and despite evertything the Spectrum version is not that bad…


  3. thedeviot says:

    A lot of great games there. We didn’t get much of a ZX Spectrum scene here in the States. Sinclair’s work with Timex to bring it Stateside didn’t work out too well, and because they built it in Portugal with different chips, most of the EU software won’t run on the US version of the computer at all, and vice-versa. Still, I’ve heard the US version is a collector’s item among Spectrum enthusiasts due to the rarity.

    Anyway, we did see a lot of those games on the Commodore 64, Atari 8-bits, Apple II, and IBM PC Compatibles. Though I can’t say I’ve seen any of those sports games. Way Of The Exploding Fist is one of the better Pre-Street Fighter games though. Enjoy!

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