[Forbidden Games] The Guy Game

Welcome to the fifteenth entry of this column in which I review forbidden (and forgotten) retro games with adult contents.

A lot of the games that will be revisited here will have, as well as adult themes, some contents that may offend somebody. But please remember, we are here just to re-discover something rightfully forgotten, so don’t take it so seriously, we don’want to offend anybody. Just have fun and laugh 🙂

Today’s game is The Guy Game.

This incredibly stupid smart game was released in 2004 for PlayStation 2 and ported also on PC and Xbox. The developer is Topheavy Studios and this game was their first and also their swan song; in fact they disappeared soon after the lawsuit they got involved. The distributor Gathering, instead, was a subsidiary of Take Two which bought them in 2000 but even before they were distributing the Railroad Tycoon and Jazz Jackrabbit games. After Take Two buyout they started to publish a lot of important games, like Tropico, Serious Sam, Max Payne and Hidden & Dangerous.

The Guy Game is a “standard” quiz game in which they alternate questions and boobs. Do you remember the strip poker games when you undressed the girls winning at cards? weel, here you undress girls if you guess a question right. The formula is more or less the same.

Why is forgotten?

Let’s face it, quiz games could be funny, ut just if you watch them on TV or if you try to guess the correct answer in an online quiz with your friends. But spending money on a DVD to play hundreds of quizzes is not so entertaining. Plus, after the turmoil of ther lawsuit the studio disappeared and no one else were interested on the game anymore. In fact I guess it is difficult for anyone to name a quiz game for, let’s say, PlayStation which is not Who Wants to Be Millionaire?…

Why is forbidden?

Most of the game I’ve discussed in this column are forbidden just because they show nudity or depicts situations unsuitable for a younger audience but rarely, probably with the exception of Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties and Custer’s Revenge, the games were involved in legal actions.

Well, The Guy Game instead was at the center of a lawsuit moved by Diane, one of the girls that appears in the game, because she wasn’t informed that her footage would have been used to promote the game. The important aspect of the charge stands in the fact that the girl was 17 at the time of the shoot and therefore underage, so the charge could have fallen under the category of pedophilia.

At first the developer Topheavy got a temporary restraining order after which they released a DVD featuring the footage filmed for the game.

Why is fun?

It’s fun for the same reasons why is forbidden. A quiz game is not fun, usually. The only way it can become fun is if it the quiestions are stupid and trivial, if you can win easily enough money to live with no worries for the rest of your life or if you laternate the questions with something really interesting. Probably if you are an heterosexual girl you’re not interested in boobs (except your own ones, of course) but if you’re a man nothing is better than some naked skin as a reward if you guess right.

Plus, the graphic is very 90’s pornsite style, one of those where you need to subscribe so even the nostalgia factor lays its role…

How can I play it?

You think that, since this is a PS2 game, so a “recent” one you can easily find it everywhere, right? Wrong! You guessed wrong (ergo, you won’t see any naked boob). In Europe is quite hard to find it, probably because it was distributed only in America but even there, considering the game it is, demands quite high prices online, around 40$ for a complete version. So, for every completionist it’s quite affordable, even though I don’t know how many PS2 completionist exist in the world giving the huge dimension of the PS2 library. However, since the PS2 is easy to hack (don’t buy ot download illegal software. Winners don’t use drugs) you can burn your own copy easily. But it’s really worth?

Something similar but a bit less crappy???

Tell me the truth, you want other stupid games, right? So here are other three shitty ones

  • 7 Sins, probably the least shitty of the three;
  • Dreamstrippers. Stupid enough?
  • Rian Rouge. Here’s the boss. Try it…

And finally, if you need other games related to this which are crappy and adult oriented like The Guy Game, stick around, more games will be covered soon!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve heard of this one, and the legal issues that came along with it. It’s certainly an interesting release because it’s not something I imagine that would be released (at least on console) these days. Something like this on Steam though, that wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I recognise the guy on the cover for some reason


    1. benez256 says:

      I really don’t know who’s him…


  3. I have not played this game. It seems strange for a game like this to be sold on the PlayStation 2, it makes the game seem quite mainstream to be available on such a popular console. The game seems to be quite well made, although I agree that it has a 90’s look. I have wondered about the appeal of computer games based on quizzes, they seem like they could be entertaining for a while, but the owner must eventually learn all the answers to the questions. I found the discussion about the lawsuit interesting.
    What does the player see after answering the questions correctly? Does the game just consist of loads of questions?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      Load of questions and some spare boobs…that’t all…:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So the company used a completely naked picture of the woman who sued them?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. benez256 says:

        Half naked…but yes they used it without her permission, she didn’t know it would have been included in the game…


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