[Forbidden Games] Dragon Knight & Graffiti

Welcome to the fourteenth entry of this column in which I review forbidden (and forgotten) retro games with adult contents.

A lot of the games that will be revisited here will have, as well as adult themes, some contents that may offend somebody. But please remember, we are here just to re-discover something rightfully forgotten, so don’t take it so seriously, we don’want to offend anybody. Just have fun and laugh 🙂

Today’s game is Dragon Knight & Graffiti.

…and now I have your attention…

This game is part of the Dragon Knight series that feature games released almost exclusively in Japan and for japanese consoles and computers. The games was developed by ELF Corporation, a studio that dedicated most of its production to eroge games (translated as pornographic video games) that stayed afloat for a respectable 26 years before closing its doors for good, an incredible lifetime for such kind of company.

DK&G is a single player RPG with a visual that reminds a lot the ones of NES’ Shadowgate or Ultima The Stygian Abyss but with erotic and pornographic contents that differentiate this product from the ones released in ther West. The game received an upgraded remake in 1995 for the PC Engine since it was originally released in 1989 only for PC88, PC98 and MSX and ported the year after on Sharp X68000

Why is forgotten?

I consider the PC Engine/Turbografx one of the best consoles of its era, probably even better than the SNES (as we can see from the sales figures at least in Japan) but huge issues in the distribution and the competition with Sega and Nintendo made the West a difficult ground for the console. Plus, this kind of RPG became quickly outdated and didn’t get the fortune it could have deserved, at least on our emisphere.

Why is forbidden?

While in Japan you can even find shops that sell used undies for some fetish practice that I don’t want to explain here, in the hypersexualized West is still a bit of taboo to show full nude characters in an official game. The images you can see here are the “censored” ones but with a quick online research you’ll find out that there are more explicit ones. For sure in the West we’ve never seen a Golem with a boner…

This is what they call a rockhard boner…

Why is fun?

For the lovers of RPGs DK&G can be fun even though the way the game plays, halfway between an original final Fantasy game and more moder ones, can be a bit less intriguing. If you’re a male it could be fun because 99% of the characters are women, since the game is set in a kingdom inhabitated only by women and, as you can see from the pictures, they often forget (wneh they’re not forced) to dress up…

How can I play it?

As it often happens with the games featured in this column you have to be an hardcore gamer to find a copy of this game and you have to spend a small fortune even to find the hardware to play it. However if you look for the PC Engine version you can at least save some money to buy the console but you have to part with all your wallet to get the game.

Something similar but a bit less crappy???

As I tol you in the intro, if you look for similar games but more “normal” here are my three suggestions:

  • Shadowgate, especially the NES version which is the only one I’ve played so far
  • Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss, because it’s one of the chapter I love the most of the Ultima series
  • Elvira: Mistress of the Dark which is a game I’m 100% sure I will cover at some point

And finally, if you need other games related to this which are crappy and adult oriented like Dragon Knight & Graffiti, stick around, more games will be covered soon!

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  1. I have not played this game, but it seems to be designed to satisfy the stereotypical player from the 1980’s (fantastical setting and semi-clothed women). It is strange that the game would be censored in the West, but I wonder if it is because Japanese companies recognised that some players were adults and were more comfortable with distributing adult games, while Western companies regarded these games as only marketable to kids and reduced the adult content. I find it interesting that a game like that used an enjoyable gameplay.
    Why do you prefer the PC Engine/ Turbografix to the SNES? How is the game played? Does it have an adventure storyline?


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