[Editorial] Guess what’s next on I ❤ Old Games! – 04/03/18

Hello guys,

The last week has been really strange for me. It has been probably the coldest first week of March I’ve ever seen in my life: it started last sunday with a bit of snow and it finished today with a LOT of snow. Having this white cover all around the city it’s at the same time a huge joy for me and somethig relaly weird, since last year at the beginning of March we had like 20°C. A lot of snow and some days off from work meant that I managed to make some progress in the games I’m currently playing.

The bad news is that, while I was proceeding with ease in Resident Evil 4, suddely the game stopped working. I’ve checked the CD and I’ve seen a deep grove in the middle od the disc, probably in correspondace of themoment of the game in which I was stuck. So I had to say bye bye to the game for the moment. Luckily enough I had another great game as a replacement: Resident Evil – Code: Veornica X, always for the PS2. This is a more classic RE game and surely more scary then RE4, and that’s the reason why I’m proceeding slowly. I also need my GF to be next to me when I play because I tried to play it alone but out of the blue my two dogs started to bark and I nearly had an heart attack. An experience that I do not recommend to anyone…

My research for good old games has continued and I’ve found other good titles to enlarge my collection, mainly for my “new” consoles, PS2, Xbox and Wii and I really look forward to showing them to you 🙂 For sure I won’t be going to any market or fair this week since the snow is blocking me, so probably I will have some time to do a family of snowmen in from of my house 🙂


  • Europa Universalis IV
    Begun: November 16th, 2016
    Status: 60% completed, on hold
  • Duke Nukem – Episode three: Trapped in the Future
    Begun: January 4th, 2017
    Status: 60% completed, on hold
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 – The Lost Levels
    Begun: January 16th, 2017
    Status: 12% completed, on hold
  • Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
    Begun: April 25th, 2017
    Status: 33% completed, on hold
  • Probotector
    Begun: December 18th, 2017
    71% completed, on hold
  • Streets of Rage (SMS)
    Begun: December 12th, 2017
    Status: 63% completed, on hold
  • Shadow Warriors a.k.a. Ninja Gaiden
    Begun: January 7th, 2018
    Status: 95% completed
  • Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
    Begun: February 2nd, 2018
    Status: 38% completed, on hold
  • Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X (PS2)
    Begun: February 26th, 2018
    Status: 10% completed


  • Retro Gamer #177
    Begun: March 1st, 2018
    Status: 12% completed

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