[52 Weeks Challenge] Week 6 – Game character you feel you are most like

Hello everybody,

Tired of the 30 days game challenge? Enjoy my own personal revisitation of a classic challenge! Instead of 30 daily posts that fill an entire month, this challenge is more diluted in time and it will cover all the year 2018. 52 weeks, 52 questions to understand who’s the person behind this blog. Me!

Week 6 – Game character you feel you are most like

Gordon Freeman Half-Life.

In my life I have a lot of passions and most of them can be grouped into one: study. I love studying, I’ve always loved even during the school and I loved and still love 99% of the subjects studied. I still find myself studying maths, physics, chemistry, linguistic, history and geography and without any specific reason, just for the love of knowledge.

For this reason one of the characters I feel most like is Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series. He’s a phisician and physics is one of my greatest passions, his “idols” were Eistein, Freeman and Hawking, as it is for me and he’s mainly a non-hero.

I don’t feel like an hero or someone that can bear the task of saving the world and probably neither was Dr. Freeman, he just had to became an hero but he was just a phisician.

I don’t have the goatee but I do have prescription glasses that looks very similar to his ones, I used to have short hair and most of all I kinda have that malinconinc and not so convinced look of someone who’s been thrown in a situation that wasn’t meant for him. Probably is even for this reason that I prefer Half-Life over Deus Ex whose protagonist, J.C. Denton, is more the prototype of the hero a la Matrix.

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  1. I think it must be quite difficult to decide which character a player resembles because of the interactive aspect of computer games. The character have a personality traits during story moments, but, during the gameplay, the character’s personality is mainly reflected by the actions of the player. For example, a character in a shooter could be either a cautious fighter or a risk-taking warrior depending on each player’s tactics and ways of playing the game. It was interesting that you found a character that matched your interests, style and personality, especially as the character seems like an unique hero.
    Have you played the Half-Life games?

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    1. benez256 says:

      Sure, Half-Life is one of my favourite games!


  2. pick3dlast says:

    Tough question this week, because I think most memorable characters are unique. Or maybe I’m unique; I don’t know. But I came up with two possible answers. NPC Andrew Ryan (Bioschock) and playable Geralt of Rivera. Neither is a perfect fit, but both are closer than most others…


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