[Happy Birthday!] Phantasy Star

Hello old games lovers,

It looks like Decemebr 2017 will be remembered for some remarkable birthdays. After the recent anniversary of Mega Man and Final Fantasy that turned 30 a few days ago, today another masterpiece of the history of gaming reaches the three-decades goal and this time is a game for the sometimes forgotten Sega Master System. Today, December 20th, 1987 was released Phantasy Star, a game I started to know watching hungrigoriya playthrough that you can even find below. Since it’s a game that unfortunately I’ve never played I leave you with the words with someone who knows better than me…:)

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  1. I have Hungry Goriya to thank for introducing me to this game! She did a wonder LP of it a few months ago then did a post about how it’s pretty much Star Wars o.O I’m now interesting in the other games in the franchise.

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