[Happy Birthday!] Mega Man

Hello old games lovers,

In these days Nintendo is confirming a new Mega Man game for the Switch, revitalizing a saga that was dormant since 2010. The timing is right, because today, December 17th is the 30th anniversary of the first Mega Man, released in 1987 for the NES. This is a game I find ridiculously hard, I don’t know if it’s because is really hard or just because I suck at this. For this reason I can’t really enjoy the series, I’ve tried to play the second installment on the NES Mini and I died countless time after 5 seconds. But it’s impossible not to recognize the value of the franchise that, with the upcoming release, has arrived to the 11th chapter.

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  1. Mr. Panda says:

    I’m very happy that the series is coming back! It’s not my favorite platformer, but I enjoy and respect the series. I find them a lot of fun, even though they’re difficult. I hope the 11th one is a worthy sequel. Happy Birthday Mega Man! May you never be forgotten again.

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