[Picks of the Month] November 2017

Hello guys,

Here’s the third entry of this column, a resume of what I bought last month.

This month had been quite strange, since I’ve been oriented toward many different consoles both old and modern and I ended up buying retro stuff, like Master System games and “modern” games such as the ones for the PS2.

Let’s face it, we’re all growing up and the consoles that we played as a teenagers are becoming old and fashionable: that’s the reason why this month I tried to get some good titles for PS1 and PS2 and to buy an actual PS1 which incredibly I still didn’t owned. I remember when I was in the first years of university that my frieds and I bought a third hand PS1 region free: it was already an old console since we’re talking about 2004-2005 but we were too poor to afford a PS2 so we fell back to the old PS1. Then when we graduated and we went each one on our own the PS1 suddenly disappeared: no one of us picked it up and it wasn’t in the basement. Vanished!

It wasn’t a big deal since by the beginning of 2010s it was a piece for a museum but since then I’ve never played again games on the PS1 (even though I still got the PS2 we bought together in 2013 🙂 ) so now I can start over again.

Other notable entries are some games for the Master System, which is a console that tend to be forgotten and overshadowed by Mega Drive or the Nintendo family. I’m growing fond of this machine and I’m trying to collect other defining games for it so you can expect news about it very soon 🙂

By now I tried to collect some of the most important games or (strange to say) games I already own for other platforms: this just to have a “base” of game to discuss in an upcoming column I plan to start in 2018 in which I will compare the sasme game in the different releases for different consoles. I’m still thinking about the name of the column so if you have some tips you’re welcome!

Most of the DS games I’ve bought this month comes from a second hand store I have a few kilometers away from home, where I’ve found some good games at a really low price.

Even though this month I wasn’t really focusen on NES games, I’ve found anyway a small haul of cartridges and among them my two favourites are by far Section Z and Xevious.

Of course, SNES games are part of the collection even this month, but I haven’t found something really interesting. However Popolous look one of the game I really could enjoy. If only I had time to play it…

Here are the new entries of November:


  • Back to the Future Part 2 & 3
  • Blades of Steel
  • Fester’s Quest
  • Iron Sword
  • Mach Rider
  • Rush ‘n Attack
  • Section Z
  • Skate or Die
  • Star Voyager
  • Xevious


  • Home Alone
  • Nigel Mansell’s Racing
  • Populous


  • A region-free console
  • Gran Turismo 2


  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Grand Theft Auto San andreas
  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  • Mafia
  • Turok Evolution

Sega Master System:

  • Alex Kidd in Hi-Tech World
  • Double Dragon
  • Impossible Mission
  • Operation Wolf
  • Streets of Rage
  • Strider II

Sega Mega Drive:

  • Space Harrier II

Nintendo DS:

  • Ben 10 Alien Force
  • Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2
  • Metal Slug 7
  • Resident Evil – The Mercenaries 3D
  • Super Mario 3D Land


I hope you’ll enjoy what you see!

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15 Comments Add yours

  1. TragicBronson says:

    How’s that Metal Slug game? I’m thinking about picking that one up too.
    Also big love for the original Mafia!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      I had Mafia for PC but I don’t find it anymore so I thought to pick up the PS2 version. I’ve just tried MS7 to check if it was working so I don’t know how it is in depth but it looks really fun, as all the Metal slug franchise…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. retroredress says:

    Some nice Master System pick ups there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      Yep! I missed the SMS in the early 90s because I had a NES but I’m realizing that this is a great machine. I’m tring to buy some other good games for it and I’ll surely cover them in a very near future…😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. retroredress says:

        Yeah the SMS didn’t get the games or the push the NES got, but it was a fantastic machine, capable of great 8-Bit graphics in the right hands!

        I look forward to seeing what MS games you get…there is something like 326 PAL games, think I had 126 back in my collecting days. I hope you find a rarity like Masters of Combat or Buggy Run!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. benez256 says:

        “Luckily” the MS library is quite small (I’ve read 341 games but are included some late brazilian releases) so it should be easier to complete but I’m really REALLY far away from having a complete collection if games for a console. Probably the only one thay I could ever complete would be the poor Atari 5200 one…😀 I’ll probably get to 25 titles for the MS by the end of the year so I look with envy to your over-100 games collection 😀😀😀 I’ve never heard the two games you’ve mentioned so they are probably really obscure and rare! 😀😀😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. retroredress says:

        341 games sounds right, some hard ones to find though!

        I used to live by this rarity guide, it’s outdated now but it’s a good starting point – http://www.smstributes.co.uk/quick_rarity_list.asp

        Sadly, my games collection has long gone (house, kids etc) but I like to live vicariously through collectors like yourself! If I can give you one piece of advice? If you ever see a Neo Geo, just buy it. Worry about the logic later 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. benez256 says:

        Heh…that would be a great purchase. But the prices are very very high at least here. And the cartridges are expensive too. At the moment I will try to improve the “classic 4” consoles games: NES, SNES, SMS and Mega Drive. The NES collection at the moment is the largest but I still have roughly 70 games and just a few “hits”. But I still have time…😀 Have you sold all of your collection?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. retroredress says:

        Yeah, sold all my collection nearly ten years ago. I didn’t have the space in our new house, plus was getting married etc. Had to be a grown up! Had a good collection though – had build it up over 8 years so was sad to see it go!

        It’s crazy how expensive retro gaming has got – it was a lot cheaper when I was collecting as shops didn’t realise the value of what they were selling! I like your idea though – just focus on a few machines, it’s easy to get sidetracked! I nearly got dumped by my wife on my mission to get a Saturn…wasn’t worth it!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. benez256 says:

        It’s a shame the prices became so steep in the last years. Hopefully the things will change in the future so you will find again Golden Axe Warrior at less than 80€! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      7. retroredress says:

        That’s the dream! When I see some of CEX’s prices, I know things have gone mad!

        Liked by 1 person

      8. benez256 says:

        What goes up sooner or later goes down. I’m waiting 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This seems like an interesting selection of games. I was interested that a number of Grand Theft Auto games were purchased, I remember I enjoyed those games when they were released, but that sort of game seem to be ignored by reviewers of retro games. I would be interested in reading reviews about them. I can understand buying Master System versions of Mega Drive games, I remember finding a library of Master System games online and immediately started playing Ecco the Dolphin. Unfortunately, I found it was a lower quality version of the Mega Drive game. I look forward to the reviews comparing the different versions of the game as I would be interested to see how they compare. I like the story about the PlayStation 1 disappearing.
    Which of these games do you enjoy? What games would you review?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      I’ve already revisited in the past the first installment of the GTA saga and I will most likely write a review some of the SMS games I’ve bought lately. I’m still uncertain which one though…


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