[Retropicks] Do you need a Flight Simulator for NES?

Hello guys,

Maybe you should have understood it, but NES is my favourite console. That’s the reason why I always look for games for it and that’s the reason why my column RetroPicks is always full of NES cartridges.

Even this time I have quite a treasure to talk about, not because the games are particularly valuable or collectibles, but because some of them were on my radar since months and I’ve bought them only because I’ve found very good deals. Unfortunately I’m not so wealthy at the moment so the budget I have for my collection is very small, but sometimes if you look carefully around you may discover some good things.

I’ve already told you in the past when I purchased an NES to make it region free and you know how it ended up 🙂 but I haven’t told you about the games that came with it. 9 games were included but since I already owned two of them (Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt and The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy) I added to my collection only 7 of them.

The first one is The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants. Sometimes is described as a bad game with awful controls (they’re very bad!) but I wanted to have it because it was one of the games I had in my youth for PC and since anytime I played it I failed to pass even the first level for an enormous glitch I’ve always wondered if my game was broken of the game itself was broken. Well, I’ll discover soon but I fear I may know the answer.

Then I had Nintendo World Cup. Ok, if you’re looking for a fine, detailed and precise foorball game on an 8-bit system you’re a fool, so don’t expect World Cup to be as FIFA or PES. Actually is based on the series Kunio-Kun (at least the players are based on it) and is more like a shaolin soccer: you play soccer but the amusement comes from kicking players and making horrble fouls. I know most of you live outside Europe and maybe soccer is not your sport of reference but you should give a try to World Cup (as I did playing Tecmo Bowl on the NES Mini, even if I don’t know jack about american football). I’m particulary fond of this game because I remember endless matches with my old friend Valentina when we were like 7-8 years old. So many wonderful days……

These were the two games I was looking at from the beginning but with this lot I also got other 5 games I didn’t have.

Airwolf is one of them. I’m quite a pussy with flight simulator and related games but back in the days I played a lot EuroFighter 2000, Falcon 3.0 and Flight Simulator 5 (that I remember mainly for the graphics shown at the end of the flight where you could see max and min height. I don’t know why but me and Valentina laughed so bad at them, sicnerely even today I can’t figure out why) so I think I could have done something good out of Airwolf. But no, I suck so bad.

…and I suck even at Top Gun, rather similar to Airwolf…

…and at Stealth. It looks like this seller really loved flight games!

Then, you think it’s over? No! In fact among all the games I’ve bought there’s even Captain Skyhawk that is actually a bit different from the “classic” flight simulator. Maybe I wouldn’t suck at it! It was only 3€ so I thought it was another piece to add to the “base” of the collection, hoping out there there are no more flight simulator games!

Proceeding with the games I suck at here’s Off Road, or better Ivan “Ironman” Stewart Super Off-Road. It’s a shame that 80% of the title is written so small you need a magnifier to read it. I’m still trying to make this game works so I reserve the right to judge it in the future.

The last game I got was Ferrari Challenge. I usually love racing games when they’re good but this one doesn’t realy fall in this category. I mean, visually is even quite good but it’s so easy that even a person that has never seen an engine could play it.

So that’s all for the moment, I hope to write about some other purchase soon!

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  1. Those old Simpsons games aren’t bad once you get used to the weird movement of Bart.

    Captain Skyhawk is pretty decent too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hungrygoriya says:

    I used to be really good at Bart vs. the Space Mutants. I tried it again a few months ago, and I’m suddenly horrible at it. Just the worst! I still love the game and remember all the little ins and outs of the levels, but what good is that if I can’t even get there?

    These are some great games! Congratulations 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      I had the PC version which was bugged I thing because I could not get past the first level. This version luckily is “normal” but the controls are terrible!

      Liked by 1 person

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