Freshly delivered! – Retro Gamer Issue #172

Hello guys,

Finally one of the Retro Gamer issue I was waiting for the most has arrived straight to my desk and I really can’t wait to read it all.

It feature a lot of contents I realy long to read and as far as I know allk the columns and articles will be really interesting, starting from the cover story, dedicated to the semi-unknown PC Engine that will turn 30 this year and that I’ll cover as well in one of my post very soon. The guys from Retro Gamer will also cover the 35th anniversary of the Spectrum, a celebration I’ve already talked about some time ago with a quite unusual piece about 35 games for all the 35 years of the Speccy, so not only great classica but also the best games from the homebrew scene.

Then other interesting stuuf, like a retrospective about Night Trap that just turned 25 and then, last but not least a special issue of Super Play entirely dedicated to the 20+1 games featured in the SNES Mini!

A lot, lot lot of things to read…

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