[Forbidden Games] Sabrina

Welcome to the fourth entry of this column in which I review forbidden (and forgotten) retro games with adult contents.

A lot of the games that will be revisited here will have, as well as adult themes, some contents that may offend somebody. But please remember, we are here just to re-discover something rightfully forgotten, so don’t take it so seriously, we don’want to offend anybody. Just have fun and laugh 🙂

Today’s game is a beat ’em up platform, based on the power of boobs, Sabrina.

The game was released in 1989 for the classic triad of 8-bit home computer that started to be outdated at the gates of 90s, ZX Spectrum, MSX and Amstrad CPC.

Back in the late 80s/early 90s the pop scene one the women side was experienced and overload of sensuality when Samantha Fox released her first songs inviting the world to touch her soft booby body. After a few years  a new challenger appeared, the pride of Italy, Sabrina Salerno who almost shocked the world with the videoclip of “Boys boys boys”. Free the nipple, Sabrina.

For us young italian lads, Sabrina Salerno was the most exciting goddess on TV and her video the closest to porn we could watch. I don’t know how many of us have lost their sight on her curves but I can failry say a good 90% of people born in the early 80s.

The heyday of Sabrina Salerno correnspond the the years fo decline for ZX Spectrum and 8-bit computers of the early 80s: in those years sir Clive already closed a deal with spanish company Investronica to distribute the last versions of the Speccy in Spain with the result that a lot of spanish software houses started to develop titles for the machine. One of these, the already mentioned in the last episode of “Forbidden Games”, was Ibersoft whose developers, as it seem, loved boobs and curvy women. And who can blame them…

ZX Spectrum version

Sabrina sees our titular boobed heroine groing from the airport to Telecinco Studios (shameless copy of italian  Canale 5, one of the first private broadcaster in the italian scene) trying to avoid her enemies like churchy grannies and boobed woman jealous of Sabrina’s bigger boobs: all of them will be swept away with a well-aimed boob punch. Ah, the 80s……

Why is forgotten?

From the late 80s the good ol’ days of the Spectrum were gone and just a few memorable titles  were released during this period. More powerful computers and more capable consoles were dominating the market and only a small niche still used the Speccy with the result that most of the games of the period are still now unknown to the vast majority of gamers.

Why is forbidden?

Well, among all the games with strange weapons to kill enemies this is surely one of the most bizzarre; before Sabrina no one had ever hit an enemy with boobs. And we all remember Sabrina’s boobs as something magical and magnetic, something to dream about night and day. However the developer put something relly weird in the intro of the game, when our protagonist start to talk with a robotic tranny voice that would kill every boner the memory of Sabrina with a wet t-shirt jumping out of the pool could cause.

Why is fun?

The game features some of the weirdest and out of place enemies ever seen in a platformer and the fact that an extremely tanned version of a sexy popstar can defeat them with her boobs sheds more light to the power of mammary glands as a medium to compel the masses. Better than the hypnotoad.

MSX version

They should produce a remake of the game, I mean Sabrina Salerno is still hot as hell and it seems like time has never passed for here, just look at this picture…

49 years old. Nuff said…

How can I play it?

The MSX version can be found from time to time online but you’ll have to cough up around 20€, while the Speccy version is virtually non-existent since I’ve never found anyone willing to sell it, I don’t know if because it’s rare or because nobody wants to part with it. Same goes for the CPC version even thoug sometimes pops up online. So the only viable option is the emulation and I warmly suggest OTLA that gives you at least the possibility to play it on your original Speccy/MSX/CPC.

Something similar but a bit less crappy???

As you can imagine, it’s very hard to indicate other platformers without being too long-winded. But searching in the immense Spectrum/MSX/CPC library sometimes can be found some less famous games you might give a try:

  • Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, an adventure/shooter with impressive and very fluid graphics.
  • Future Knight, a sort of (really a sort of) steampunk adventure.
  • Three Weeks in Paradise, based on Wally Weeks series seestThe Weeks family trapped on a tropical island inhabited by cannibals.

And finally, if you need other games related to this which are crappy and adult oriented like Sabrina, stick around, more games will be covered soon!

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Mill says:

    I’d say she looks even better now.
    What a beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      She’s absolutely amazing. And yes, she’s probably better now then in the 80s. A few years ago she was on stage with her rival Samantha Fox. What a great combo…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have not played this game. The colours seem very bright, blinding and inappropriate. It also seems difficult to see the characters on screen. The enemies also seem weird. I also find it interesting that the game was one of the last games released on 8-bit computers, usually games released on consoles about to become outdated have a strange feel, they seem to attempt to use ideas from more powerful consoles on less able machines.
    What is the story for the game? How is the game played? Does it consist of the characters just fighting enemies? Was Canale 5 owned by Silvio Berlusconi?


  3. Weapon of choice: boobs
    Chances of winning: 100%
    The game I always think of in the ranks of risqué play is Conker’s Bad Fur Day. How did Rare go from making a cute little racing game to that raunch fest lol.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Defeating enemies with Sabrina’s boobs?? That sounds so hilarious! What a weird game!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      Only enhanced graphics could have made this a superb game…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. none of the nones says:

    Wow. I didn’t know there is a Sabrina computer game. No surprise as it was never published for the C64 which wasn’t that successful in Spain.

    Anyway, to the Sabrina Sam Fox controversy.
    Sabrina has actually aged better than Sam Fox, but she always seems a bit dumb to me when she’s in a show and Sam Fox is definitely funny, cool and has a nice chap to to talk-attitude, so I prefer the later. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. benez256 says:

      Thanks for the comment! Actually yes, Sabrina has aged way better than Sam to me and I’ll always prefer here since she also comes from my region 🙂 I’ve never really heard Sam talking or chatting in a show so I can’t really tell who’s better, but I wouldn’t mind having one or the other here now 🙂


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