[Happy Birthday!] Mortal Kombat

Hello old games lovers,

I’ve never been a beat-’em-up/brawler gamer, but I can recognize when a game is so good that even if is not my genre I feel the urge to play it. One of this games is Mortal Kombat that celebrate today its 25th anniversary, having been released on October 8th, 1992.

This game gained its huge popularity not only for being a really good game with amazing graphics that features digitalized real actors but even (especially) for its ultra violence. Mortal Kombat fatalities became synomys with video game violence and back then they vere the most crude depictions of death ever appeared an a videogame. For this reason it was censored and somewhere banned and this is another reasons that increased its popularity.

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  1. I remember getting MK3 on PC when I was a bit younger than I am now. Trying to play it with a keyboard and then a joystick was insanity, so I ended up buying a game pad for it.

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    1. benez256 says:

      I’ve played it with keyboard too but I think the DOS version was easier. I remember beating almost all the opponents all the times without any problem.
      P.S. I usually suck so bad in fighting games

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  2. Nice! This was one of my absolute favorite games as a kid. There was no ESRB ratings/ age restrictions then, but I had the SNES version, which was a bit censored anyway. Still so fun though! 🙂

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    1. benez256 says:

      I’ve played a lot with the PC version which is uncensored so I’ve appreciated all the fatalities…😄


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