Freshly delivered! – Retro Gamer Issue #171

Hello guys!

Finally a few days the *last* Retro Gamer issue has arrived in my mailbox.

Since I saw the first images of the cover I realized this might have been my favourite issue so far and it actually is! I started immediately to read it and I’ve already passed the first half, finding inside a lot of interesting stuff.

Of course the main piece is dedicaed to the cover story about Donkey Kong and the hisory of the world record progression. But there is also a generous article about the making of Zaxxon and and interesting 5+1 pages piece about the upcoming SNES Mini that I should receive in a few days, since I’ve pre-ordered it monhs ago 🙂

Another great piece is about the almost forgotten PocketStation by Sony and two new columns that I hope will be there even in the next mags, “The Unconverted” dedicated to the arcade games never released on home consoles and “Lost in Translation” that examinates the huge differences there are sometimes between Eastern and Western releases.

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