[Happy Birthday!] Punch-Out!

Hello old games lovers,

If you’re old enough to remember the heydays of Mike Tyson you won’t surprised from oll the hype around his controversial personality. One of the boxing games that exploited the success of the black panther was Punch-Out!, a.k.a. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!, released today, September 18th, 1987. This game (featured also on the NES Mini) sees you as the boxeur Little Mac involved in a series of matches in order to challenge Mike Tyson, the “last boss” of the game and by fare the most difficult to beat. Cutting your teeth on the pale-skinned british boxeur Glass Joe, you’ll find out that the games is funny and entertraining even for people (like me) that doesn’t like boxing.

So let’s wear boxing gloves and punch this game!

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  1. kmerrill8276 says:

    I don’t like Boxing either, but I couldn’t help loving this game.

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  2. Such a great and iconic game!

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