[RetroPicks] NES & SNES

Hello guys,

In the last times I started to make some modifications and restoring of old consoles. Actually the few I made turned out to be good jobs so I got the idea to do this as a side project of blogging and collecting.

For this reason I’m always looking for consoles to repair and bring back to life to trade for games or to sell to get some cash, not to get rich but always to buy games and/or other consoles. I’m more than sure this “work” won’t make me rich! It’s just something I’d like to to to fund my passion of collecting games.

Last month I’ve found on eBay an auction regarding two NES, one working and one with a big question mark. The seeler didn’t know if iw was working or not because of the same old problem: blinking red light. 99% of cases this problem can be solved clenaing the contacts of the 72-pin connector or, in the worst case, changing the connector itself.

I got the two consoles for less than 30€ and when they came home they were filthy as hell. Do you know the grey-ish natural color of the NES? Forgot it, the consoles were brown. A lot og greasy shit was on them along with some marks that looked like signs of an eraser used to “clean” it. The first thing I thought was that they needed a stronig retrobrighting but, as always, before  doing it, I opened them to check wat was the situation inside.

The working console had 3-4 kilos of dust inside, the same shit you find under the sofa if you don’t clean it for 6 months. After a vacuum cleaner treatment and some pressurized ait I managed to see the hardware inside an it was in great shape, all the screws were there, all the plastics were ok and the motherboard was ok, so I tried this NES with one of my PAL A games and it fired up immediately. Good for me.

The second console was a total mess. Dirtier than the first, it had the internal plastics torn or broken so just 2 of the 6 screws that keep the two parts of the console together were actually tighten. But this wasn’t the main problem, because the cartridge slot, the plastic black one, was broken in half. I tried in any way to fix it but I don’t really know hot to do it so I think I’ll have to replace it. This is a shame because even here the hardware was ok. I tested the console keeping manually a cartridge down in its slot and was working.

I don’t know if is better to keep this console for spare parts (motherboard, 72-pin connector, slot door…) I can use to replace in my NES in case they got broken or try to repair it. But since the grey plastic top is so severely damaged I’ll probably keep everything for parts.

At least I can mod the working console (in case) and sell it, since now it’s perfectly washed and cleaned. Oh and it didn’t need retrobrighting, the filthy greas came off with a strong degreaser 🙂

Along with the two NES I’ve bought two adapter for the SNES.

The listing was about a Fire Super FX adapter for the european SNES, capable to run both american and japanese games, and a Super Game Boy. They were two interesting pieces but honestly I dind’t really care about them so much so I placed a symbolic bid just to check the price trend. Well, after two days with my great surprise I won the auction and I bought the two items for just 3€!

They’re in perfect condition (at least cosmetically), although they’re loose but I’ve seen them sold in the same conditions for 20€ each + shipping so I’m glad I managed to have hem for such a small price. Unfortunately the only Game Boy games I have are for the Game Boy Advance but I’ll keep my eyes open to find some carts to try, and obviousl I’ll check also for some NTSC games (american and japanese) to see if the adapter actually works. Otherwise I’ll have lost 3€…


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  1. Great post back in my more serious collecting days I came across something similar, it’s unbelievable how filthy some can let there consoles become over time…

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  2. Ick, can’t believe the NESes were so filthy! People really don’t take care of their stuff sometimes, and it’s such a shame! Glad you were able to clean them up, though, and it’s always nice to have a spare console just for parts 🙂 I think you got a great deal!

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    1. benez256 says:

      Yes they were full of…bleah, I don’t know what it was…I’m always tempted to buy consoles even if they look filthy because I like to clean, fix and retrobright them. Unfortunately now is not a good season for retrobrighting…

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